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Yes we do! here is proof! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7JJ4K2IdrE

Remember the Animals this 4th!

HI Kittenheads! Please remember to keep your animals safe and calm this holiday weekend! Both cats and dogs can be freaked out by human celebrations so be a responsible pet owner and keep your animals inside over the next few days. ALso be sensitive to neighbors who are veterans as many of them also have a difficult time during firework celebrations. If your neighbors are veterans please inform them of amateur fireworks shows on your street -- afterall you are "Celebrating" the freedom they fought for you to express. Make sure you are traumatizing them with your celebration. Please remember while we all have the right to our expressions of freedom, our rights end where another's begin. Have a happy and safe 4th of July! Kittenhead

18 tracks and counting

Hello Kittenheads! MIxin, mixin, mixin! Yes it takes this much time to mix that much material. You will happy to hear that we placed no limits on sound or what we were capable when creating. The results are pretty amazing! Punk means there are no rules which is good as we don't follow any... The biggest challenge is going to be to try to explain to people what we sound like -- I guess the obvious is Kittenhead -- that is what we sound like! yep, there is even a ballad (don't worry we only had to tie down DD for a little while) Have a great weekend!! xo KH

Introducing -- Snacks

we all love Snacks! and this Snack actually has no calories! Cuz it is Snacks Kittenhead! Who have joined Kittenhead as a string player since KY slipped away to handle more bottle oriented less string oriented toys. Snacks is from the great state of Texas (I think you legally have to write "the great state of" before you write Texas or drones come after you or armadillos or something) Anyway -- stop by FB and say HI! Soon we will have more pics so you can obsess and a new CD so you can rock it out loud! Have a great week! KH


Mixing music is the art of getting everything balanced. Well sort of balanced, you see each song has a "star" and that star should actually be in the forefront to drive the song.

Yes, in music as in life there is someone who needs to be in front. Music is also similar in that for a group to sound unique and balanced it shouldn't always be the same instrument (person) in front.

Sharing the spotlight not only gives others time to shine, it gives the front person or the soloist time to relax -- on stage and most certainly in the "real world"

So if you are in the spotlight a lot in your life make sure to step back and let others shine a bit and if you are in the background please step forward and take a turn in the spotlight. Not only will you help with some of the heavy lifting, but you might enjoy it!

Have a great week Kittenheads!

New Music SOON!!

Hello Kittenheads!!

You may have seen our posts about being in the amazing Kitten Robot Studios here in the SIlverlake area of Los Angeles recording, well we are to the exciting and grueling mixing phase!

Paul Roessler is a dream to work with and we even got hoppalong (O-Face's new nick name) back in the studio to help out!

Looking forward to sharing new material with you and as always there are no limits to what the Kittens will try!

Have a great weekend and be safe!



Hello Kittenheads!

Check out our new video for Bettie --- here for Mother's Day! Honoring all women, trendsetters, trailblazers, those who paint outside the lines.

SO enjoy this video and remember to thank all the women in your life that have made your world a better place


Have a great weekend!



and I used to read.....

This morning when I got up my internet connection was spotty at best. So I called my provider, only to find out that last nights high winds had disrupted service in many areas of Los Angeles.

It was only off for about 45 minutes, but I found it irritating and I realized how hooked into my routine this computer has become.

I used to read a lot. I was the kid who always had a book and I currently have three books I am reading, but it isn't the same. I find myself thinking I don't have time to read and sometimes not reading articles all the way through for that reason. I just getting the gist and moving on.

Now, I read FAST -- much faster than most people. So, if I feel a time constraint focusing for 5 minutes on a 4 page article, what are other people feeling?

I believe this is why twitter is so popular --- limited communication. But we need more communication in this complicated world not less. Maybe we need to unplug from our phones, exit off the information free way for a few hours and have a real conversation with a human being. The internet is a fabulous place with tons of information to learn, however most people are just playing candy crush not researching a cure for cancer.

Let's remember what is really important and that is the people in our lives. So unplug today and spend some time with them.

Oh and play them a Kittenhead song -- cuz nothing says I care like a little Kittenhead

xoxo KH

19 songs and counting

Well Kittenhead is pretty prolific

We recorded 19 songs for the new CD and now are in the process of laying vocals, and overdubs (if needed). This experience has been such a joy thanks to the wonderful Paul Roessler of Kitten Robot Studios and the fabulous Peanut (head of all studio cats)

I also have to just say Kittenhead is blessed to have a group of people who listen to each other and are really in it for the music.

It is very exciting to work with people who will try anything and don't conform to boxes or labels -- this way we just create. And BTW isn't that truly punk to thumb your nose at conventions and how stuff is supposed to sound??

no boxes for Kittenhead -- just fun and music!


Hello Kittenheads!

As many of you know O-Face was involved in a work place accident trying to combine the rare, cymbal monkey/rubber chicken move into his pole routine. But since he is a professional his hospital bills are covered, tho we are not sure about the monkey or the chicken.

Kittenhead will be off stage for a few months to allow him recovery time. We will be focussed on finishing our newest recording, a full length CD and promoting said CD.

How YOU can help....

1. Suggestions for titles for the CD 2. Help promote! How you say? well know anyone in radio or TV or that does reviews? If so let us know! 3. Continue spreading the word about Kittenhead. We have a huge buzz going around the band and I know it is all of you that are generating it! So thank you and keep it up! 4. Buy the CD and the swag! Kittenhead is a small dedicated group and all that you contribute helps us to keep making music for you!

Oh yes we are going to need video soon.......if you took video form a show or want to help with video let us know!



PS No animals were injured in the pole dancing mishap....