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Mangrove's Old Time Narcissism Hour / Blog

Bird On A Wire

So yeah, I know. Leonard Cohen & Goldie Hawn did the 'Bird On A Wire' thing before we got to it. I also know that you can't copyright a song title....

It's 1996 and Singer Shaun comes over for our weekly songwriting/coffee binging session. He has a catchy tune to which I added a tinkly, jangly guitar (thinking that I'm like Johnny Marr from The Smiths or something....)

However, there's a couple of drawbacks. The first part is that the chorus melody sounded too much like 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' by Morrissey. The second drawback is that the lyrics were about his dog. Now, in all fairness, it was a pretty cool dog and I liked it a lot, but wasn't so great as to be immortalized in song. As such, this tune sat in limbo for a while.

Because I wanted to save my jangly guitar riffs, I revisited the song, stripped off all the lyrics and replaced with my own, altered the chords to the chorus and wrote an entirely new melody to get us out of an extremely unlikely legal dispute with The Moz. Hey Presto! A new song!

Probably the most pretentious celebration of atheism ever committed to DAT circa Jan/Feb 1997. The fade out section was my attempt at recreating the dreamy atmosphere of the album 'Copperopolis' by Grant Lee Buffalo.

PS I had a spot of bother transferring this to CD hence the very first few seconds got clipped. I'll try again some other day.

Good Bayou

Live, July 5th 1996 playing in a so-so venue for the benefit of a completely useless fly-by-night music promotion company that evaporated about 10 seconds after the last band slouched off stage.

I'm not entirely sure what the hell the song is about. All I do know is that it was England during the Britpop wars and we were doing our level best to be completely ignored owing to our American sounding rock/soul vocal and jazz vibe. Ha ha! That'll show 'em!

I wrote this song during my Beat literature phase when I transcribed constantly my head noise in little Kerouac-esque notebooks that was perma-stashed inside my jacket. Not that it shows, but I was listening to Sonic Youth's 'Washing Machine' album and 'In The Light' by Horace Andy.

Shaun the singer tweaked the arrangement a bit, added some flair to the basic melody and voila, one of our odder songs was born.

Oh yeah, be patient - nothing happens for the first 20 seconds because we were arguing with the sound crew who were trying to cut our set short.