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Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke / Blog

... 2014 Detroit Music Award - World Music Songwriters Of The Year -

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke have been honored for the 2nd year in a row, by our friends, fans, & fellow artists who supported our work. Let us assure everyone that when you voted for our names, you voted for all humans who live with the burden of oppression & injustice, all humans who are being poisoned by chemicals, pollution, & media propaganda, all humans who suffer religious prejudice and economic domination. Let us assure you that you voted for all political prisoners and all veterans & victims of war & violence across the globe. We treasure your acknowledgement of these forgotten brothers & sisters, and we vow to be a voice in the wilderness for all who are lost & ignored. To be raised up as world class songwriters for 2 years in a row affirms our mission, and fuels our efforts to continue on our spiritual & socially conscious path to peace & freedom for all. Today we publicly thank you and promise to never give up. - //oo\\ -

Photos - 2014 , 2013 Detroit Music Awards acceptance ceremony. - — with Sheila Burke. Joe Kidd's photo. Joe Kidd's photo.

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Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke-Detroit Music Awards-Songwriters Of The Year-2013

- Joe Kidd And Sheila Burke - We need to thank our friends and fellow artists for voting for us in the prestigious Detroit Music Awards and for allowing us to win the Songwriter Of The Year category. We promise to continue to work strongly and wisely to promote good things in the world. - Peace To You All - //oo\\

win or lose

there are certain characteristics which are required to represent vast numbers of people on the world stage. among them are true vision , honesty , courage & determination.


lady gaga said in rolling stone that art is a lie. is that statement true? is it a lie? is that statement art? is lady gaga an artist? or a liar? or did she tell the truth? if she told the truth , what does she then become?


yeah , nightswimming under the full moon , hair combed back , escorted by a squad of fireflies , viewing the world thru the window of love.