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Jenny Lou Drew and The Damage Done / Blog

November 8, The Empire, Portland ME

There will be a one-night music fest on November 8 to benefit Guitar Doors at The Empire in Portland, ME. Performances by A Severe Joy, Forget Forget, Mystic Folk Opera and Tumbling Bones. Come out for a great cause and music!


It's here. And here on the farm, the Christmas tree is finally starting to smell of balsam and I am still wondering why the Hell I put up a Christmas tree. It is the age old adage that makes me wonder so...'what goes up must come down.'

Twenty-twelve is already off to an ominous start. Today the rooster attacked me for the first time. He was growling, as he usually does, as I gathered the eggs from the hen-house. As I walked away with the bootie I felt someone grab me in the middle of my back. When I reeled expecting a human-being that beady-eyed son-of-a-bitch was staring me in the face. He made a half-assed hop with talons out before Scott came around the corner yelling, "RUN!". It was a ridiculous sight, I am sure.

I can't stand surly cocks. The kind folks who bestowed him upon us said we were saving him from the stock-pot. They lovingly described him as 'docile' and until this morning, he was. I told Scott his cock has three strikes and I'll be learning to cull a chicken. These are survival skills I plan to attain, so it's up to the rooster whether or not I begin my education promptly or in the Spring.

It is the second day of January and on this day on Facebook everyone is either still posting status updates of resolutions they'll never resolve to or resolving not to make resolutions at all. Here on the farm we have plenty of resolutions. First and foremost, we need to eat more eggs.

Right now there are four-dozen eggs in our refrigerator. There are only four hens but they each lay an egg a day and it adds up. I've been giving eggs away left and right, making omelets, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, hard-boiled eggs, sunny-side-up, easy-over, frittata and tomorrow I plan on a nice quiche. It's been too long since I've made a nice quiche.

Most of our resolutions were already made before the new year. Along with attempting to grow and preserve our year's worth of vegetables, we're planning to get some bunny rabbits and a couple of goats. I'll refrain from details describing their intended purpose but I have resolved to learn to kill all of our own meat in the year 2012. At some point this year I will begin living by the following creed,

'If I didn't stroke it lovingly when it was alive, I will not eat it when it's dead.'

I keep meaning to mention music in this blog. Scott and I are sitting on the sofa, Antiques Roadshow is on the TV, and neither of us are paying attention to it. Scott is researching audio equipment, per usual, and I am trying to write the first blog of my life. Perhaps I should set Scott up with a blog on here too. We could count on him not to divert so much to farm animals but you could expect to see a lot of technical audio mumbo-jumbo. I sometimes wonder how much there is to know about headphones.

Goings on in the studio of late include some incredible work by our good friend, Lady Zen, and finishing touches on the pre-production for a new track of our own, "Hell to Pay."

In the meantime, we are in the market for a higher-quality camera and have almost settled on the Sony A580. A new video for "Stay", a track off of 'A Moving Train', is in the works and I am enthralled with the new freedom we have found as 'do-it-yourself-ers'.

Another resolution I made months ago was to get a picture of every artist who visits our studio with my big black horse, Maestro.

As for 2011, it was a hard year for a lot of folks. Looking back on the past twelve months, I have learned more outside of the classroom than in it. I met some amazing folk of like mind and have been introduced to many people who are doing good work for the environment and the living beings who depend upon it. Scott and I resolved in 2011 to join them and we are most excited about the local future of 2012.