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Sean Kelly Murray / Blog

Long day of Busk'en!

Great feedback, lots of love, but slow start, whats up VT?

2014 Farmers Market Season

Please come out and get some local goodies and tunes!

Working on more Irish Covers

Some more good song ideas from a friend from Dingle. Padies... and A pair of brown eyes, more to come. Feed back please!

View from the 12-string

Used Music sale at MontP always the best, this year scored a nice Mandolin and some sounds effects for the 12 string. Saturday at Randolph on the slow side but got some great fudge and roles from Crystal and Mindy.

As Viewed from the 12-string

Ok, MontP on Saturday a slow start, little love the first hour then picked up nicely.

Sunday. a surprise visit to an indoor Brookfield, VT Farmers market down by the floating bridge, they where glad to have the tunes and I got to play a couple songs on the Piano, Raglan road went over well, Early in the day a vendor quietly mentioned to me that Graham Parker was listening to my tunes and buying some local goodies, very cool, enjoyed the support.

Tuesday, followed up with an hour in Northfield Market with some familiar faces from the winter markets.