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Eyes On Tomorrow / Blog


As many of you know Sam Marts has quit the band and now pursues other endeavors. The break wasn't easy due to some conflicting interpersonal conflicts. A world consumed in the lifestyle of a musician can at times be trying, unrewarding and sometimes may not seem worth your time or effort. Nonetheless, the remaining members of the band have no intention of giving up or admitting defeat. We wish Sam luck in the future and currently have a new drummer (TBA) who is more than capable of helping us reach the next level. We continue on for our amazing fans and those who love and support us unconditionally! We promise to do our best to bring to everyone our heart, soul and emotion that has continued to set EyesOnTomorrow apart! We love you all! See you at the show!

June 2nd Bogarts!

We (as a band) are very excited for the opportunity to play a national recognized venue such as Bogarts in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 2nd. This will be a first for some of the members of Eyes On Tomorrow; finally getting to take the stage where we spent most of our early years pitting and screaming for our favorite bands. We feel like this is some sort of milestone for EOT or as Josh usually puts it " A culmination of a years work." Although very modest, we still believe that this is a well deserved opportunity for the future of our musical endeavors. We encourage the local metal fans, as well as, the local music enthusiast to come join us to help make this a success. We want to make music for people that enjoy listening and we can't do that without you! To friends, to fans, to support! See you at the show!

Events and the next few months

We have a lot of really good shows booked in the next few months. As a band we seem to be finding our element the more we practice and play live. It's awesome to finally hit a stride where, for once, we have an overflow of new ideas to incorporate into the writing process. We are in fact working on some new songs and plan to have 3 new ones finished before we record. As of now, we have one song "basically" finished and another in the works. Who knows? You may hear something sooner than you thought. Stay tuned!

New Release 2013

We are happy to announce to the world that are debut EP is available online (iTunes, AmazonMp3, Spotify, MOG, Google play) to name a few. We have made a lot of progress in a short amount of time and hope to continue the momentum throughout the year. We have also been focusing on writing new material and have a few songs in the works. We're not exactly sure when we will get back in the studio to record, hopefully in the next few months. It's not like we aren't staying busy though, there are plenty of opportunities to see Eyes On Tomorrow, so please check the show listings. Easiest way for fans is to join our mailing list, to get all the up to date info about everything EOT.