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Gods Ink / Blog

Im back

Its been over a year since I been on this joint.. A lot has changed since then! My CD will be wrapped up by this month...21 tracks... Titled, "Cross-Eyed"..I just uploaded the first single off the CD, a track called, "The Resurrection" produced by my cuzzo BRandon CAmpbell...he is a young beast in the game...this beat is CRAZY!..he dropped 4 of em on the project for me...but Chea, enjoy...ima have a few more singles comin out...oh, and check my mixtape out on soundcloud.com... look me up.. "Gods Ink"



I been tryna upload one of my tracks on here for a minute...for whatever reason, its not playin...smh...uhhh...oh, voting...my opinion, if you dont know nothing about either candidate, I think its still DUMB to vote...whats worse?....ranDUMBLY voting ((yeah, I know I spelled random wrong, but I was making a point..anyways)) for a candidate you know nothing about or NOT voting at all?..I think a random vote is worse than not voting...its actually kind of ignorant...then people be like, "VOTE, VOTE, VOTE...IMA KILL YOU IF YOU DONT VOTE..blah blah blah"..and i'm like, yall dont care if these cats die and burn in hell, but you want them to vote, right??...smh...and the hood...man, the hood been gettin worse and worse, so tell me what's voting gonna change because of that??...THEY SWEAT THE HOOD FOR OUR VOTE, THEN WHEN THEY GET ELECTED, THE HOOD GETS REJECTED!!...its all politics, its game...they say what you wanna hear just so they can get what they want...just like a nigga tellin a chick, "I love you" when he really dont mean it...he just sayin it to get in her draws....well...thas my lil rant on voting...now, onto tryin to get this music issue fixed...smh

My hat

Why do I always wear a hat when I perform?...I'm just more comfortable with it..like, you know how when you were little, you used to do wierd things...like, you wore a certain hat cuz you thought it made you invisible?..well, my hat makes me think i'm invisible...i'm a shy dude and I dont like attention, so the hat makes me kinda dissappear for a second...like, I feel like people really cant see me and it makes me more comfortable...yes, I do have a full head of hair under that hat ((360's)), so yall can stop sayin i'm balding...lol...I always used to do it, now it has turned into my official trademark I guess...it's in my logo too...i'm out yall...peace!!

Whas good world

Day two of reverbnation...im chillin right now, got a lot to be thankful for. God is good all the time, even when we dont deserve it, word up. Its crazy how prophecies began to come to pass when you finally walk in the footsteps God ordained for you....got me singin anthony hamilton..like, God, "if you're cool...then i'm cool...and we're cool"...lol...straight up...God gave me this talent and i'm gonna use it up..for real...all of it, so whenever He comes back and I go up, He can be like, "well done good and faithful servant"...for real...thas all I wanna hear when its all said and done..."Well done, my good and faithful servant"...I got another single comin soon off my CD...its called "tomorrow never comes"...I got the video of it on my page...as soon as I get it, i'ma upload it...this blog thang got me feeling like "Diary" off Wale CD..yeah, Wale go hard!..he aint the coldest new cat tho, I gotta gave that to Jay Electronica...anyways, i'm out...Word up, devil down

The bizz

Man, i'm bout to pop like zits on teenage white kids....word up...its ya boy God's Ink, aka Emoshunal, aka Tyran Jr...I got many names, but only one purpose and thas to give you my heart on a platter, a la John the Baptist...word up...heart vs head...its kinda similar tho cuz you normally think on the things that is in your heart...anyways, I'm just hittin yall for a second...gettin ready to use reverbnation to the fullest...#shoutout to the creators for bringin this thang into existance, word up!...hit me up on twitter @Gods_ink or @MilwaukeeBorn cuz you know i'm reppin that ill Mill, what up Mil-town!...we in here...aye, much more to come from ya boy...hollaaaaaaaaa *in my missy voice*