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International Songwriting Competition Finalist

As some of you might have heard, I'm a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for my comedy song, "Lambchop."

There is a People's Choice portion of the competition decided by popular votes. You can help me out by clicking on the link below, selecting "Comedy" and clicking the thumbs up next to my song:


You can vote once a day, so if you're up to it, keep clicking!

This "Lambchop" is not for kids, so I would recommend listening to it somewhere out of their earshot.

Thanks a bunch for helping me out!

Much Love,

Emily Pakes

A website! I'm real now!

Hello friends. www.emilypakes.com is now up on the interwebs for your viewing pleasure!

And if you're looking for the comedy stuff, that's up at www.purdyholsom.com.

Purdy Holsom's Mudturtle EP

As some of you may know, I've struggled with how to market comedy music alongside "serious" stuff for a while. So I came up with a solution--I'm not. All comedy music henceforth will be released by Purdy Holsom. As for Emily Pakes, she will keep writing her "serious" songs and pitching them to A&R companies and song competitions, along with the occasional "clean" gig. My experience has been this: people support and encourage the comedy stuff more than the serious stuff. The market has spoken. You can find Purdy Holsom at www.purdyholsom.com and of course, on the good ol' Reverb Nation, Facebook and Twitter. The new CD was just released via CDBaby. www.reverbnation.com/purdyholsom www.facebook.com/purdyholsom www.twitter.com/purdyholsom www.cdbaby.com/purdyholsom

NC Fresh Catch

If you live in the RDU area, I recommend checking out NC Fresh Catch. I played their Winter Oyster Tour event at MotorCo last weekend and it was a BLAST. They've got one last stop in Carrboro 2/15 at Cat's Cradle. Partial event proceeds will benefit the Inter-Faith Council for Social Services and Rebound. NC Fresh Catch is a statewide concert series working to connect communities with NC fisheries, local farms, craft breweries and the arts. More info: http://www.h2h2o.org

What would you do?

Does anyone else out there play both "serious" music and comedy music? If you did, would you combine them in your sets, or assign them to completely different acts? I go back and forth on this.


1. I just recorded a comedy EP under the name Purdy Holsom. I'm getting it mixed and mastered in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for new tracks, if ya like the funny stuff. 2. I'm posting videos of my performance at MotorCo ASAP. 3. My friend wants me to do a rap album. 4. I ate a hamburger at the state fair today that was possibly fried cardboard. 5. there's a facebook up for the funny stuff: www.facebook.com/purdyholsom and a twitter: @purdyholsom.

What have YOU been up to? :)

My Kinda Special

It's worth saying again--the incredible Emily Musolino lent her vox and studio magic to this new song. Check her out, yo!

Summer, summer, summerti-ime!

Hello friends and fellow musicians!

Well, I'm a college grad now. What have I been doing with my free time? Writing songs, writing poetry, seeing old friends and going for long walks. I'm also searching for a big girl day job to support this music habit of mine, so if you've noticed some of the humorous stuff going underground for a bit, that's why. As I continue to write, practice and enjoy the sunshine, I'm also gearing up to be a part of GirlsRock! NC and submitting to the Mid Atlantic Song Contest. Wish me luck. The EP is coming out as soon as my studio guy gets back into town to give me the mix stems. Stay tuned!

Graduating in May

Yes. On May 11th I will receive a college degree. Then I can be done with this six classes and two jobs nonsense and focus on music.

Starting 2013

How did I start 2013? Well, I had the flu and had to cancel a couple of gigs because I lost my voice. The upside of this is that things can only go up from here. I just started my last semester of college with a whopping six class load (in addition to working 30 hours/week), but I'm eagerly counting down the days until my May graduation. Ah, the days after college, when I can devote hours and hours to just playing music... In other music news, I've been working on a collaboration with electronic artist Blizzard, who is Canada's #1 artist on ReverbNation. I've put down both guitar tracks and a rap, so stay tuned!

I've taken a few guitar/voice lessons with former Berklee instructor Anthony Michael "Tru" Peterson. His voice feedback so far: "That. Hurt. Me." He keeps it real! :-D

The Rickety Crickets let me sit in on mandolin and acoustic bass last night. Check 'em out: www.reverbnation.com/thericketycrickets/p I continue to eke away at my EP in my spare time and will have a mix of "Lay Down," featuring Ashley Robinson and Kim Thompson up in the next few weeks.

How is YOUR year starting out?