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Deon Powter / Blog

new song

Sometimes when i am totally at peace with myself, i can get energy from where my head is at, and sometimes my eyes are open enough to get a look at how awesome nature is, when these two feeling line up, they feed off each other and i feel so good i feel like i am going to burst. this is my new song title, it's a bit long, will have to shorten it.

Reach out and, reach out and, reach out and touch somebody

I have said it before but it's so true that every gig is different, a venue full of people from different places, there for different reasons. When they get together on the dance floor, a real time and space connection takes place. "hey I don't know your name, but we both know this song" that is what I love about cover gigs. They're not all the same but I still want to make that connection every time. that's what is exciting about cover music... It also is starting to spill over into my song writing, I used to think a song was written by me, for me, but now I realize a song is by me but for you. That's cool. I am going to write about stuff we all go through or see or feel in the hope to make that connection with my original music.

Do you know this one.

I know heaps of songs but sometimes a group of people will throw songs I don't know at me, one after the other, it can be deflating. This happened to me on Sunday, but I managed to turn it around by guesstimating their age and putting myself in the same decade they were in in their late teens early 20s, it worked beautifully.

Lionel Ritchie makes a good point!

I was playing at Outback Jacks on Sunday, great venue great crowd BTW. I was singing EASY. there is a line in that song "everybody wants me to be what they want me to be" and I had to smile 'cause when I am playing and singing for people, they want me to be who I am. That is really satisfying.

Audiences are full of material for albums

I was playing a gig down at meadow brook on Friday and I met three really interesting people. Their stories all clung to me for some reason and I know there are a couple of songs at least in those stories, that's what makes gigs so great. I am sure there would have been another story there also, because the man spoke for so long, but he was so drunk and his accent so thick, I could not understand a word he was saying. But he was so passionate about the topic he was telling me about I didn't have the heart to tell him.

Why DID the chicken cross the road?

So the joke has never been funny to me but I was asking myself this question. What if by chicken, I meant me and what if by road, I meant share music I have written. Well the answer would have to be, He was sick of watching the traffic go by. What do I have to be afraid o...... You know I think I just got the joke.