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Zia Kalyan / Blog

New Video

Help support me by checking out my new video WATCH ME by DeStorm ft. Young-Z http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWomQ9LEUZ4


You know, music is a wonderful thing. I just wanted to say that, but also anybody who came to this site and who is reading this I want to say thanx, and I send the most good luck to ya. I just love doin music with people and just live life making the world better... you know. I could say I love film just as much as music but a movie is nuttin with out music. I don't think there is one movie in the world that doesn't have music. If there is I'ma say right away that it would be lame, you know. And music needs film as well. Music videos are popular. Actually the behind the scenes sometimes has more views then the actual video it's self. But I love both. And I hope to become a music producer/cameraman/actor. Anyways I've wasted enough of yo time so so long and peace to you.

Helping our friends in Haiti

I was siting and thinking the other day about how I could write a blog about our friends in Haiti, and I chose to write this: In a small country that borders with the Dominican Republic. A terrible earthquake struck. even before this happened, Haiti was a country of poverty and great need for order. So when this earthquake happened it totally destroyed. A lot of the buildings weren't made as well so it really effected the situation. That's why the people of Haiti deeply need our support. I am working on a song dedicated to Haiti, but for now please donate what you can. And even if you can't donate your self, spread the word, tell people what is happening! Thank you, I'm writing music like crazy, I just gotta get to recording it so stay tuned! Please donate now: http://www.canadaforhaiti.com/Forms/Home.aspx