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Tom Sissons / Blog

Ramson Badbonez Feature

A collaboration with UK Hip Hop legend, Ramson Badbonez has been confirmed and is expected to be released in later October to Reverbnation and Youtube. The track 'Scapegoatz', produced by DC of (Wake and Bake Beats) is due to be recorded around the time of release in Highbury, North London.


The Debut CD, Paradise In A Padded Cell will be coming soon, selling across Brighton & Hove and all over the Internet. 19 tracks due to feature Tefman (Of the L.O.S.T. S.O.U.L.S), Rickaby, Kadeve, 9 Delegates and a vast range of others! All money goes to the Chesnut House Children's Charity! To order now please email tomsissons@hotmail.co.uk

Upcoming Beatbox Video

I'm gonna have a go at beatboxing; totally out of the blue, coz I haven't tried it before, but if it sounds dope I might keep it up. I heard some guys I know, 530 Beatbox and Boney do some sick freestyling with it and I thought I might as well. I been starting with the basic Kick Drums - 808 Kick, Classic Kick Drum, Dry Kick Drum and Synth Kick Drum. surprising hard to master it and start going fast at a rthym but I'mma have a go and if I get the hang of it I'll shove up more videos and more tutorials on it on my YouTube Channel: MrJunkie1995 Keep Up To Date There. I'll probs have it up by 30th of Feburary at latest. Take It Easy