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The Elektric Warrior / Blog


I am beginning to think that Dante's Divine Comedy was the true part of hell for those who die unsaved. Hell was reserved for the fallen angels, it is unlikely that the ones they manipulated would have the same fate as we are so much weaker and God being of justice would not hold ought given the imbalance, but purgatory seems equitable and a way to bridge the gap from a sort of hell to finding your way to pentatense and I guess to Heaven eventually, as all of us were made before we were born in the beginning and Rabbi's talk of the story that we chose to be born in our families and circumstances having fore knowledge of all or most of what we faced, Socrates said we are being and becoming and just remembering what we already knew,,,gifts too. I do think that some people are born to vessels of wrath who may be demons from the beginning but that is only supposition.

Eyes Set

Got my eyes set on an Otari 8ch tape deck. Can easily tie into my PT8HD system and have the great sound of analog, nothing like it!

In Need of a Media Marketing Intern

Work from your home and gain experience. I have an MBA in the Entertainment Industry from the #1 school, The University of Miami, Florida. Learn what I know about the business side for free. $80k for two years.

Join Me With Stream Energy

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But For Grace

Opening line is 2 sextuplets, our fallen nature, but the rest is mostly 7/4, 7 the number of perfection, some 5/4 which is grace and then the end is our freedom with many time signatures and even free! John Norris drums

Numbers in some of my music

In the Stone of life crushing us, for those who accept the Highway to Heaven, there is 5/4 measures which is Jesus guiding us, man=4, to smoothness and grace over us 5/4. John Norris drums a student of Tom Knight, world famous percussionist

Armen my Violinist on Cover

Armen studied at the Eastman School of Music and had great groups with now famous musicians like the current bassist for Randy Brecker, the current pianist for the Maria Schneider orchestra, Jeff Kimbrough who is like Jan Hammer, and Steve Smith drummer for a famous jazz singer. All played with Armen in Air Apparent in DC. Been a while since I heard their names. But in Augusta I met him and we put together a Juilliard audition CD with Erick Hargrove drummer from James Brown and Audix mic endorser and Warrior Bass clinician, for Mike Dease a now famous trombonist, we charged nothing as Mike was very gracious at my studio. Mike now now has his MM and taught at Juilliard and Queens College NYC.


When I was 23 I had promised God not to cuss, well I did and I took my stack of cassettes of original music out back and burned them, that was my promise. But, I did have them unmixed on my Teac 3340S.

Profile-Armen Violinist and Pianist-Eastman School

Armen adds character to any music he touches. Intense yet articulate. MAR

The Grand Effects of 528 The Love Frequency-Your Heart

Midi instruments sound real I first noticed tuned to 528 which is A=444, up 4 cents. Your body is tuned with the natural sounds of nature at 528 and allof your Chakras are balanced. At 440 on the throat and above are affected creating chaos. 528 is the frequency of Love, your heart and all plant life. Dr Len Horowitz sounds hippie and new age at times but he's telling the truth. I first used sound recently when a person sent me tones to balance my Chakras, it greatly affected me, this led to what I am doing, Len and my new music incorporating Delta binaurals but not like youtube, you see if you have the bass at 444 in the left ear and 445 in the right panned, you get a 1 beat different or 1hz which is a delta state of mind you go in. You could use 444.5 for a deeper delta or use a beta or alpha or theta range in other parts of your songs. It heals.