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The Elektric Warrior / Blog

Thinking back on a Phil Keaggy Concert in SC 30 years ago.

Just thinking of Christian artist, awesome guitarist, Phil Keaggy concert that I attended at Columbia International University in Columbia, SC some 30 years ago. I was expecting some great fusion but like me it falls on deaf ears mostly and he was all folk guitar by himself.

Words and Thoughts Hold All Power, What Power Do You Have?

Even David Icke posted that our thoughts can change the purity of water today as Dr Emoto proved scientifically, yet God said so as you thinketh so as you are. If you Bless or think your water each day to be pure, healing and even converting all your polluted old water in your body to structured and Holy water for your healing, In time you will see a difference. The miracles lay in your thoughts he gave you, for good or evil, Choose Now.

God said He is the Word. Words are important, choose well ,they hold the power of life and death. Takes time to learn.

NWO and Healthcare Are Mental Persecution of Christian's Beliefs

The end of the world is not near. All the new world order and the mark for healthcare is by those wanting to persecute Christians mentally and tear the faith down, but it is prophesied that in the last days knowledge will abound and that great masses will come to know Christ as their Savior. That is not even beginning to start so the end times are far off, but death is always close and the end time for you. That's why the statement, "The end is at hand." It always is.

Casting Crowns?

Let me tell you your Constitutional rights in Heaven: You will sit and judge with God against every evil thing and person that has been conducted against you and will cast a vote for their disposition. ALL will be affected so governments that commit evil will stand as a unit and all the peoples in the world affected remember 6 degrees alone of separation probably apply and those judgments will be weighed against those officals. Judgement will last thousands of years in our time frame until all evil and good will be met out against and for those deserving.

God will give to you perfect knowledge to judge

Those who do not know Jesus will be all judged with no say.

Those that do good and are persecuted will reap a higher reward in their eternal favor.

There are 7 judgments according to Pastor Perry Stone.

One is the rewards judgment where you will be given Golden Crowns for your jewels of good done with your life, even a nickel to a bum. These Crowns are for you to cast before Jesus feet as he walks by you in Heaven. Fear that you have but one crown or none for only being saved in the end, For Eternity you may be poor

The Christian rock group Casting Crowns is named for that honor.

God will judge your heart more than the deed. There are always dynamics for any sin.

Structured Water a Complex Simple Thing

I heard Dr Jack Kruse on Youtube first talk about our quantum body and structured waters healing importance. First plants have it naturally. No need to buy it. Praying is Jesus Love according to Dr Len Horowitz Harvard, and it changes from H2O to H2O2. I tried it and I could tell the difference, body full of energy but I am detoxed, if not may take time. I fasted juice three days, Dr Paul C Bragg, my spirit changed and my faith came back like never before. Try it. Pay over all you possess or hope to possess in LOVE and God will Bless it to your benefits. No man can come against you no evil nothing if you are on Gods team. youtube Dr Len Horowitz Messianic Jew, many vids on how Gods math affects us the Toroid of the Torah, mathematician Rodin, Tesla and more. :)


I am beginning to think that Dante's Divine Comedy was the true part of hell for those who die unsaved. Hell was reserved for the fallen angels, it is unlikely that the ones they manipulated would have the same fate as we are so much weaker and God being of justice would not hold ought given the imbalance, but purgatory seems equitable and a way to bridge the gap from a sort of hell to finding your way to pentatense and I guess to Heaven eventually, as all of us were made before we were born in the beginning and Rabbi's talk of the story that we chose to be born in our families and circumstances having fore knowledge of all or most of what we faced, Socrates said we are being and becoming and just remembering what we already knew,,,gifts too. I do think that some people are born to vessels of wrath who may be demons from the beginning but that is only supposition.

Eyes Set

Got my eyes set on an Otari 8ch tape deck. Can easily tie into my PT8HD system and have the great sound of analog, nothing like it!

In Need of a Media Marketing Intern

Work from your home and gain experience. I have an MBA in the Entertainment Industry from the #1 school, The University of Miami, Florida. Learn what I know about the business side for free. $80k for two years.

Join Me With Stream Energy

As a rep for Stream Energy I can offer you a 5% discount on your years energy bill a a rebate years end, just for switching to us but keep Con Ed etc as provider. We are the worlds largest direct wholesaler of electric and gas. We will be in all 50 states soon and Europe and Asia is already in the plans. Google us. Join as an associate or free for non profits and see a good income. Inbox me for a vid. Easy to do, 5 hrs a week, make money as you sleep and grow!

But For Grace

Opening line is 2 sextuplets, our fallen nature, but the rest is mostly 7/4, 7 the number of perfection, some 5/4 which is grace and then the end is our freedom with many time signatures and even free! John Norris drums