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The Elektric Warrior / Blog

NYC handle is The Elektric Warrior

www.reverbnation.com/elektricwarrior slightly different song list, longer, I have written over 300 similar tunes of complexity.

Universal Frequencies

The Sun emits 9 frequencies, as does the Universe, as the main frequency 528Hz is C in the A Dorian scale. SO We get vitamin C, odd huh. Well that C is only obtained if A =444, not 440. There is a Devils tone in 440 developed by the Nazi's and adopted by the Rockefellars in 1933. UK = A 442, The Do Re Mi scale compositions used by the ancient church was found to be healing per Dr Lee Horowitz. I have been listening to Youtube healing frequencies since October and had been wondering how to use them musically, and not in a single tone with some other tones in a drone. 10 days ago it dawned on me to use real instruments and the complex healing tones with binaural and isochronic beats blended in but in scales to be used with an underlying tone for say healing the ear, or hypothalmus or the 8 Chakras in such a way that it is musical in rock, jazz or even a whole nuther level 12 Tone music serialism. The field is wide open. Did you know that plant life has been found to resonate at 528hz and MIT is using computer music to kill cancers as cancer has its on music they found. Theirs canceles the frequency of cancer thus killing it. It can heal autism, even downs children already proven by over 10,000 women around the world recently, and a patient of mine has improved greatly with minimal listening. Look into it. All CD's can be tuned up 4 cents in Pro Tools no speed change and have the same effect....Healing in ways. Reverse the perverse Nazi tuning to the natural 444. Dr Horowitz says orchestras wind up closer to 444 in the strings after a symphony, the ear wants to hear it and singing sharp is natural in 440. Enjoy your adventures, Mike

Writing Music Licensing Contracts Again

Wrote my first license contract since 2000 while Executive Assistant to Bo Crane, CEO and Sheldon Goldberg CFO at Pan Disc Music Corp who started electronica in 1982 and trance. If you need one, email me your needs. In Miami I wrote many of our licenses for New York attorneys seeking our music.

Cat Woman On The Prowl

Been thinking about the lyrics and it struck me to do like Vincent Price in Thriller and the Chorus as a melody. I'll try to cop Vince! MJR

Future Tours

After CD 12, I can invision a Night of India tour for a few weeks, A Night of Fusion tour, A Night of Christian Music tour, A Night of Classical Fusion and a Night of the Blues Tour, A Night of Cool Jazz tour and A Night of Pop Rock

Beyond CD 12

I see my focus shifting to business, invention development, humanitarian pursuits, some concerts and like The Grateful Dead all are welcomed to video or record and distribute freely. I see a focus more on Christian music but still other and film. Life is not about money so much as helping people in whatever way you can. Thanks, Mike

Return to Jazz Fusion Gung Fu style-CD 11, CD 12

Here will be a return to my first true love, Jazz Fusion, like Corea, Weather Report, Miles, Cobham styles and world musics and time periods. No holds bared Agressive passion hard and soft Gung Fu music, gracefully but powerful in 2015.

Jazz Standards CD 10

It will take a while to get my chops back in this area and have grown, but George Benson kinds of kool, Miles Bitches Brew styles, Charles Mingus from Moves CD, Billy Cobham score, and more maybe late 2014.

Symphony CD 9

I will be mentoring with a noted composer this year and will release a Symphony in 5 parts, more like a suite though. I hope to have it recorded in an Eastern post Russian country tuned to A=432, I'll have a classical guitar cadensa

Bluesssssss! CD8

CD 8 will be a return to the basics. I started listening to Freddie King, Albert King, BB King, Tiny Grimes, John Lee Hooker, The Allman Brothers, Foghat, and offshoots early one, Oh and Howling Wolf, Rev Gary Davis, Rolling Stones, and more in the formative years. This CD will be about the blues. A lot I wrote in the mid 80's but will update.