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The Elektric Warrior / Blog

The Jet-Citation III 1984 model

My brothers client has one but fit for a Sheik, he bought it for $8M but was selling it in '12 for $1.5, well he knows how to make money as a near if not Billionaire radio station mogul. At Hartsfield a twister came thru and ripped it to shreds. He had triple indemnity and collected $24,000,000. That is Providence! I hope he plays my stuff and others on his stations coast to coast.

Why I Withdrew From NYC Christian Rock

First I don't feel like the perfect voice in that while I want to preach online, my focus has always been on instrumentals. When I became disabled for years, I chose to do pop rock in part because of its easier acceptance, and my hands because of drugs did not respond if I missed one day of practice. I loved a lot of rock like Journey and Sting, and I wrote Christian songs. I am a fusionist who loves Rock & Roll and Christ. God told me to play rock, not just Christian, but I carry a positive message. Though I'm not perfect, I know the perfect one. He is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Escape NYC III

Thad and Keano came in with this raw tune that begged for the treatment I gave it. They did not seem enthused but I sure was. Love to do this kind of stuff. Anyone with similar hit me up to smooth on out. MAR

Listening Yesterday

Managed to listen to 33 artists yesterday and get a feel for what's out there. Highest day was 40.

My Midi Tunes Here

I sat in Starbucks at W 168th St each morning from around 6am to 9am and evenings sometimes taking about on average 4 hours some 6 hours to score, in late 2012 early 2013. I have always written fast and faster live,,,too fast, but my weakness is engineering that takes forever. Ghenadie Berko in Brooklyn helped with some but his hours are taken so I am looking for an engineer to work with and or trade my HD rig usage for tutoring and production time and of course 3% royalties.

I Apologize for a Spot In No Mystery

The words came in a stream of thought on first take, while it is real where we live, our sexuality is not left behind tempered in our Walk with Jesus. The Bible says when you cannot control yourself,,,MARRY! Adultery and other sexual sins are sins no less but even greater, however we were made sexual beings to produce more for the Kingdom. If not sex how else, and it is Sacred. Pastor Tony Evans-Sacred Sex is a good one to read.

King David's Dance

A man and his wife dance Joyfully before God for His gifts.

Inspiration Moment for Cat Woman on the Prowl

I was living at Ft Washington's Men's Shelter paying my music dues to move to NYC and while at Rite Aid I was in line to buy some stuff and all of a sudden I got all the words at once and was singing out loud getting looks but smiles too. I had the instrumental on my iPhone and buds. I wrote fast!

New Listening Policy

I try to listen to 2-40 songs in the morning of my fans. I do it at random and I like what I'm hearing!

Having 14 Years of College Now Giving Back

There are many areas that I am very well versed in beside music. I have been a health researcher for the last 25 years in Alt and AMA and foods. Also I have followed over 25 famous doctors and twice I almost went to medical school once in the 80's and 4 years ago to Bridgeport Connecticut for an ND that I relate more to now. My hurdle was pre med and it always involved cost and one thing beyond my control. My first degree was accounting so I can answer all individual tax question and having corporate tax in MBA many thing too business. My two MBA's involved much law in copyrights, licensing, tort, business law and general law concepts that I really enjoy. I have studied 5 languages 4 in college, French a year, Japanese, Spanish a year in HS, Italian in Italy for a month, and German when my father was in the hospital there for three months, but not much though. I have had international economics and record company operations, international business, and so many I cannot remember. NYC is good place for international concepts. I love movies, good news, positive and inspirational, I preach/ really teach God's concepts and Jesus' concepts-one and the same, so www.askmikenyc.com will be in progress soon and I hope to start walking the streets of NYC with a nice T shirt designed. Donations if I help you or you may buy a product??? Enjoy and God Bless! MAR