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The Elektric Warrior / Blog

Its Important to Find a Percussionist

My best tunes here were when John Norris and I just let go and played then I overdubbed guitars and some vocals. It was a very creative and powerful process. Going to have my manager and engineer be on the lookout. I am moving to the Upper East Side the first of 2015. Large enough to set up drums and sound proof.

Letting Go

In respect for the Hathaway family, though I wrote a few songs for her and she is a will beneficiary, I feel inappropriate finishing those songs now. I realize that my needs as an artist to create are far less than their needs for privacy and sanctity of marriage respect. Annie has been a great help since 2011. One day I will finish and post those three songs.


The new video was made by the web site FIVRR.COM. For a small sum Ronin will compile your footage and add some of his stock footage if you prefer. You can suggest theme, ideas and such but he puts it together which he did a fine job on My True Love's Heart. We discussed so much for so little a price I did not ask for a second edit. For less than $100 and good footage with a DSLR you can have a very good video.

God Has Ways

Since a stint with Bechtel and a major indie as EA to the Director and CFO/CEO jobs have been scarce and the one good job got killed by 911 so I decided to get a disability discharge, only problem is I cant afford the taxes on $138,000 so tuning up my game is the only way, thus a applying to Juilliard MM program a one year program. Then a PhD maybe, but satisfying UMG's licensing requirements may just be a little easier afterwards.

My True Love's Heart

I started with Billy Cobham's ideas of Heather on the Crosswinds CD, bearing in mind Michael Brecker's tremendous solo.

Ulnar Nerve Problem with Left Hand

I could hardly play today on My True love's Heart because my hand was numb on the last two fingers.

Found a Great Classical Guitarist to Learn From

I listened to Guido Morvillo of Staten Island and his performances of Bach and Tarrega brought tears to my eyes. He is not to far to travel to. My teachers come from Segovia and Juan Mercadal and I found a worthy mentor.

Getting Back to Playing Live Again

In 2006 I pledged not to record live until I had the studio to do me justice and posterity. Today I have such a studio in a Pro Tools HD system. In this event my mother had to die for me to afford it but I think she would be happy as the system I bought with dads proceeds lead up to this astounding equipment. I relegated myself to scoring for years but now you shall hear the roar of "Homage to Jimi & John" and the likes real soon. Today it seems it may be a year of wood shedding to get to where I am worthy of my gear. Enjoy! Its fun to me. MAR

Guitar Lessons Posted

A few short lessons will be posted soon to get a flavor. :)

My Lovers Beautiful Heart

Should be your wife but spiritually it can happen too, The Lord said to David, Lover of my heart. But here I talk of one I know spiritually.