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Production Price List as of 04/15/2013

Non Exclusive (Lease)  Mp3                     $  25 US per track.  Wav                     $  50 US per track Tracked Out     $  75 US per track Exclusive Beats $150 US per track

Mixing                $150 US Per Track Mastering         $   30 US  Per Track

Deals On Beats 4 Mp3's                 $  75  US 3 Wav                   $100 US 3 Tracked Out   $ 150 US 3 Exclusives      $300 US

All in one Non Exclusive Beat + Mixing + Mastering $150 US Per Track

Exclusive Beat + Mixing + Mastering $250 US Per Track

Distribution Single $30 US EP 3-6 Tracks $50 US LP/Mix tape  $90 US

Accepted Payments; Paypal and or Money Gram/Western Union

Contact Keston Prescott at 1-868-385-4378 to get any questions you may have answered.

10 Tips for Developing Musicians #1: Good Music Isn't Good Enough Music.

If you think your music is ‘good’....then just keep it as a hobby. The music marketplace doesn’t need more ‘good’ music; it needs truly GREAT music, which is a lot easier to get people excited about, and to market.

The low cost and advertising hype surrounding the making and manufacturing of music has given musicians the illusion that their music is worthwhile. The sad fact is that in the 1990’s mediocre music is commonplace and increasingly more difficult to promote and sell.

These days not only can everybody and their sister makes bland music, they are making and releasing bland music; so the marketplace is flooded with mediocrity. MUNDANE might be a good name for a band, but keep it to yourself!

Thatz Dat Heat Professional Mixtape Promotional 2012.

Package includes 10 Non Exclusive Hip Hop Instrumentals. Professional Audio Mastering for all 10 Songs.

Process. 1.Preview Beats http://www.reverbnation.com/ThatzDatHeat 2.Pick 10 beats 3.Send me an email with your list. 4.Money Gram or Paypal transaction info is exchanged. 5.Payment is made & all beats are delivered within 48 hours in Wav and Mp3 format. 6.Songs are recorded and mixed on your end. 7.Songs are then sent back for Professional Mastering within 3-4 days.

Cost only $200 US Payment; Money Gram or Paypal

Contact options Gmail; thatzdatheat@gmail.com Phone; 1-868-385-4378 Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/thatzdatheat Skype; keston.prescott

I can guarantee you that cannot get this combination of Marketable beats + Professional audio Mastering any where on the net for this price!

Lets Make Hits NOW!

Artist Income Sources

1. Artist Income Sources: a. Live Performance Fees b. Record Label Recording Contract Royalties c. Publishing Income Sources (Don't forget new Internet income sources such as Ringtones, Ring backs, Streaming audio etc.) * Mechanical Royalties * Performance Royalties * Synchronization Fees * Sheet Music Sales * Commercials/Jingles Income d. Merchandising Royalties (T-Shirts etc.) e. Misc. Income Sources * Investment Income * Endorsements * Book and Video Sales * Multimedia Product Sales 2. Artist Expenses: a. Recording fees: CD/Tape * Producer/Engineer * Studio Costs * Misc. Tape and/or digital storage costs, and other studio supplies * Equipment Rental charges * Guest Musician fees * Mastering fees b. Graphic Artist/Cover Art Design costs c. CD/Tape/Vinyl Manufacturing/Duplication charges * Promotional Expenses (Indie Radio Reps/Sales Reps,) * Marketing and Sales Plan costs (One sheets, Coop dollars, Ad money) d. Publicity/Promotional Material Costs * Publicists Fees * Promo/Publicity Kit Design (plus EPK) costs * Flyers, Posters, Envelope Design costs * Printing/Copying charges * Photographer fees and duplication charges * Internet Website costs (Design, maintenance, access fees, MySpace etc.) e. Office Expenses * Rent * Stationary and office supplies/furniture * Postage * Phone (landlines and cell) and other utilities bills * Office equipment (computers, Internet connection, fax machines, et al.) f. Taxes * Local, State, and Federal taxes * Tax preparation costs/Bookkeeper fees g. Band Equipment Costs * Instrument purchases/rentals * Tour Luggage * Misc. equipment repair/maintenance costs (strings, drumsticks etc.) * CDs and MP3 players (for listening and study purposes) * Misc. recording/playback equipment (laptops, pad’s etc.) * Sound system * Rehearsal space costs h. Songwriting * Copyright filing costs * Performance Rights Organization Fees (ASCAP-BMI-SESAC) also Sound exchange registration costs, etc. * Lessons/Study/Research expenses * Conferences/ Seminars budget I. Artist Business Team Costs * Personal Manager/Consultant fees * Business Manager/Accountant fees * Booking Agent fees * Publicist fees * Music Attorney fees j. Transportation costs * Auto/ Van purchase/rental/Insurance costs * Maintenance costs (gas, service, repair) * Airline, bus, and/or train tickets * Highway/Ferry tolls k. Touring expenses * Per Diem (for food, lodging etc.) * Road Manager/Roadies salaries * Lighting/Sound equipment purchase/rental costs l. Merchandise (T-Shirts etc.) * Design costs * Manufacturing and shipping costs m. Miscellaneous Expenses * Costumes/Stage clothing * Insurance (health, equipment, life etc.) * Union dues * Trade magazine subscriptions * Video production and manufacturing costs * Whatever else comes along that you forgot about