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Switch from Reverbnation to Soundcloud.com

Tired of all the glichyness of Reverbnation? Do like I did, and start using Soundclound.com. I'm leaving our page here, as long as they will let me use it to direct people to my new page at http://soundcloud.com/wilddeucepowerduo Revernation, has really gone downhill since they initiated the new page format. They want you to "subscribe" for everything, in order to operate even the smallest feature, such as people being able to listen to your work on a smartphone. That feature is BUILT in to Soundcloud, and the pages, however simple, FUNCTION like they are supposed to. The last straw for me, was how Reverbnation decided to freeze certain sections of my page, like MY STORE because I have spoken out against them for being INCOMPETENT and UNSYMPATHETIC toward the needs of us artists, who should be the core of their policy and mission statement. They will likely block this from even posting.

Another Great Internet Radio Station

Carter County Radio just played "Chicken Leg Blues"!! This is a station that I have personally listened to for nearly 10 years, even back in Reno. You can get it on your Adroid phone with the free "Tune-in Radio" app from the adroid market. For me, this is a big, huge thrill, hearing our song played right there along the likes of Rod Stewart, and so many other greats of classic rock and blues. Even if your not our fans, and we hope you are, and even if you don't go there and request "The Chicken Leg Blues", and we hope you do, please, give this station a try. If you like classic rock and a great variety of todays mainstream artists, as well as a few select cuts from the likes of independant artists like us, then do yourself a favor, serious, and check them out!! http://www.cartercountyradio.webs.com/ Home cartercountyradio.webs.com

Carter County Radio -Michael Sands

Changed Genre, from Rock to Americana

Yesterday, I changed our genre in Hendersonville TN, from Rock to Americana. We went from 147 to 39. I know, we are not talking about 'Billboard' here; these RN charts are really only a "feels like" guess that help me at least know if I'm in the ball park, and give me some basis of comparison as to what I should expect to sound like if I want to achieve any commercial success whithin a specific musical arena. Taffi and I, are longstanding fans of WSM Am Radio in Nashville, and I have watched, with eager anticipation, this whole "Americana" genre unfold over the last 15 years. I've watched the seasoned, vets of Country music, get chased out one door and right back into another and I love it. It's the sponsors that change stations, not the fans. I think Americana is changing that. At least I hope.

On a side note, before I leave you, short plug for my demo business. Satisfaction guaranteed. https://www.facebook.com/SimpleSongwriterDemos And Made in America, Hendersonville TN

Happy Thanksgiving!

Having a great Thanksgiving with our bass player, Tarry Tubbs, and our drummer, Darryl McClure. Tarry has a very nice piece of property, just a short drive in the country, few miles outside of Nashville. We are about to fire up Tarry's hot-rod go-cart. I'll post some pics on facebook, later. I haven't shaved in about 4 days, so you will see my "recession beard" in full bloom. Stay "tuned". We are.