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The Money Shot / Blog

You know

The Fact of the fiction is a reality that is comprehended by those who have already seen too much, They say that in war truth be the first casualty. In Space Time the few control the many through Radio TV Net and media. If you are going to be successful by means of your own hands, then you must have a connection in the past.

The time is now.

Who controls the past controls the future. The reason why people have positions of influence and power in this world is primarily because of space time manipulation. The truth speaks for itself.

The Space Time continuum.

It's all about who controls Time. The Governments want to control Time to win Armageddon. But it's already said and done. So no matter how many times the Governments manipulate time, it's already been done before.

The History of Future Past

WW3, or Cool Gods' anger? The choice is up to the world leaders. I hope they make the right choice. Peace