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tongue & groove / Blog

Groovy's Roti Hut now closing 4 real.

seems like singer and trombone swinger Winston "Groovy" Wilson finally has his way and sold his restaurant "Groovy's Roti Hut" with Ottawa's longest running Jazz Jam on every late Sunday afternoon, so don't miss the last upcoming shows - Sunday's Swinging Thang with entertainer and monster singer Sydney Bostic, the Mike's and the Dave's, Horace Hogans - well the boss is off to spice island, back home 2 Grenada - I want 2 wish him a sweet retirement, and once more, thank u very very much, hard working proprio and killer t-bone player Winston "Groovy" Wilson, 4 having had us on - we will take a plane sometime!

Everything happens at once.

the first time I will play 4 the online community live, https://new.livestream.com/accounts/8081731/events/2953414, is of course in the week where I also put my radio show together (airing on tonkuhle.de on SAT), is also the week where I rehearse with the big band for the Rainbow Blues Jam come SUnday, and the week where we have a gig on Saturday night @ Harry McLean's in Merrickville... lots of choices to scoop up some music off us people, don't miss it. love and light, have some mercy on me universe, just this week, merci.

un4tunate, but no moa Groovy's on THU.

with a lot of regret we'd like 2 let u know that The Brian Downey Band will no longer be playing @ Groovy's Roti Hut ON THURSDAYS - Sunday's Swinging Thang with entertainer and monster singer Sydney Bostic is going strong and we hope 2 see u out there soon - in a place where extra licenses r required and costly 2 host live music and bitchy insurance companies make any undertaker's life hell 1 wonders, how any good music could ever establish itself without being milked 2 fucking chronic dehydration in the process. blood suckers. More importantly, thank u very very much, hard working proprio and killer t-bone player Winston "Groovy" Wilson 4 having had us on - lots of fun what we got 2gether there in the short of time ...

Café Nostalgica surrenders to progress?

The only really important thing business wise this week: a pretty gratifying experience with my band tongue & groove in the beautiful of strangeland @ Café Nostalgica on Ottawa U campus - then singing with Sydney Bostic and Groovy's house band - a week full of spiritual connections. While I have your attention I'd like to mention my radio show airing on tonkuhle.de on SAT 10 MARCH 11.05 AM EST. playlists here abroadcom.net

Tearing down that building to reopen in only a year, with live music even on Wednesdays, hmmhh. Well, hopefully - but these might be the last days of the Café as we know it. Therefore I feel very humbled to say that we have two more Wednesdays to create, let go, connect and worship the magic with the fab musicians you have come to like with us. We got Rhythm if you got the Blues.I trust you'll make these last days count and we thank you for that. downbeat bout 8.30pm next WED. Merci and peace out.

birthday thoughts

4 a Monday: not so bad! Thank y'all very much 4 your sweet birthday wishes, the sunshine and being there when I needed u most. Naturally, I've been resuming around these days, but I got really busy counting my blessings - I remember a great party every year around this day, and I won't be changing that habit any time soon, so keep an eye out 4 a fb invitation 2day or 2morrow. On Friday we played our last concert @ Buds On The Bay, sadly, because it's an awesome venue 2 be in, they really look after their guests - thank u 4 having us there! Now if any of u feel u would like us back, we can do that! Personally, I'd like 2 book the adjacent O2 and have swinging holiday party - there's a survey out in case u would like 2 voice some preferences, just check here on the wall, your time and effort is much appreciated! photo credit goes 2 handsome and true follower Sheldon Golledge, thank u so much for your support, I am still smiling!

My beautiful friend's passing and the concept of "home" (2)

RIP Christine Ann Atallah * 7 DEC 1965 + 29 OCT 2011 (please check out the video 4 more info) Beautiful also 2 reconnect with my friend Fabien, who heard me play @ Berri-UQAM metro and approached me bout hooking up and doing music 2gether – as well a Scorpio and very talented artist, we parted after having revisited a bunch of older original material that we never published and both still really like – I'm having a feeling we might get back in2 that and I am so grateful that these connections r always there 4 me – what a blessing 2 be able 2 knock on some doors years later and there is the same friendly smiles inviting me, happy that I should call on them. Thank u!

My beautiful friend's passing and the concept of "home" (1)

RIP Christine Ann Atallah * 7 DEC 1965 + 29 OCT 2011 (please check out the video 4 more info) Christine showed me that Montréal was full of people like myself, when I was fairly new there - if ever the feeling of "HOME" was related 2 a geographic space, I can say I felt so @ home in Montreal, she made me feel @ home there in a number of ways. We just had a conversation about "HOME" driving back from the gig, poor Carina had 2 hear me talk bout Christine a lot. I think I said: "A certain set of circumstances and certain people make u feel @ home, but is it really a place with defined coordinates other than some very coincidental meeting between the latitude of your longing and the altitude of our experience?" (it has a really nice rhythm 2 it when u say it out loud) when Carina added, "and how can it be only 1 place?"

I started talking about Christine again, how she was such a world citizen and auch eine solche Weltenbummlerin, and then we both were stunned 2 see a humongous shooting star spiral down over 1 very long second while I was describing her looks and super positive outlook - facilitating all exchanges with this ever charming giggle, what a concept, while talking I realized she made me smile again when I felt my facial muscles relax – we were driving back from the gig, north eastern sky and very low above the horizon, no kidding. was speechless right after, still now kinda wow. U people see that?

I'm trying not 2 be superstitious or rather let that influence my outlook 2 much, although I more and more seem 2 be @ ease with a certain inexplicable spirituality, but sometimes it is really hard not 2 read 2 much outta what shows around us ...

Some very remarkable days this first week with her gone from this material realm. I should be outside but I'd like 2 take the time 2 find some hopefully appropriate words 2 describe the schizophrenic nature of this visit 2 say good bye 2 this angelic being who was my friend Christine.

Really strange 2 see all of her fantastic friends 2gether in 1 room on the same day, when really it took years 2 meet them, like a mysterious rendez-vous going back in time ... I would like 2 thank everybody 4 finding such comforting words, 4 giving themselves in2 the moment, just like she would have, I left full of admiration 4 the courage 2 reveal themselves in all their vulnerability and helplessness – I feel blessed 2 have known her, even more so, as she invited me 2 meet so many more really amazing friends around her, with many of whom I reconnected during this visit... dinner with my friend Michel whom Christine and I met 2gether after choir rehearsal @ Thursday's years ago: “Where we're going?” She said: “Thursday's, it's right around the corner, on Crescent.” “What kinda place is it?” I asked. The famous giggle bubbled out of the corner of her mouth, with her head sorta tilted a bit, as if softening the confrontation, giving my inquiry some space, addressing it, not dismissing it, all the while plotting in the back of her mind, how 2 sell me the uneasy answer. “A pretty bad meat market”, she then rose 2 say, dry as the desert. Our eyes met again while I was trying 2 process that. At the same second later we laughed. “It's ok, we'll meet some friends of mine, don't worry”, she reassured me. That same night we ended up talking music with Michel, born under the sign of Scorpio, like myself and a wonderful thought and mind companion 2 this day. He was shocked himself when I notified him on Monday or so. After the funeral I met Michel 4 dinner, we had a great conversation and I 4 my part sure had some big drinks that night, I finally felt like celebrating. Lucky me I am part of all that. To do this scene justice, I need 2 mention Mary, 1 of a kind bartender who served us our first common drink, and Roger, who both supported my drinking with buying a cd of me. Thank u!