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Dan Hartigan / Blog

Been a while

This Lyme disease just won't go away, it's been years now of feeling like I have a bad case of the flu so am learning to get used to it. I have a few gigs coming up this month. Looking forward to the revolution.

what a great Christmas!

Played a few Christmas carols with family and friends over good local food. Little drummer boy is a sweet song, would be fun to do a loud stompy version.

I just watched a great half hour lecture by Stephen Buhner on Lyme and Co-Infections. That man is brilliant, totally mind blowing stuff. Bacteria are highly intelligent and organized. What occurred to me is that the Chronic Lyme complex in my body is doing to my body what humans are doing to the earth. There are still so many questions to wonder about!

Bellows falls farmers market

Just kicking back after playing at Bellows Falls farmers market. It was from 4 to 7 pm. The market is once a month there in the winter. Having just moved to Walpole a few months ago Bellows Falls has proven to be a happening place. The farmers there are awesome and have been super nice, its great to start recognizing more people.

Thanks for all the nice things, you farmers, keep up the good work in feeding us all.

Super Thanks to the Green Island Initiative folks, you rock.

Recording finished? nah

Well, we took a month off to focus on writing and recording an album with my great friend Mike. We wrote about 14 songs, got a rough mix of 8 songs, and we'll end up with about 3-4 songs for a demo EP. What a trip, I thought a month would be plenty of time to write and record a sweet album. Nah! What a great month it was though.

So it's going to be a while, maybe up to a year, before we have a full length album but at least we've got a great start. IF I had to do it over again, I would isolate myself from day to day activities, buy all the food we would need for a month, the just shut in and make music. Woohooo.

In other news, I think I'll be playing again at Fat Belly's in Portsmouth, thanks to Joey Pratt. Thanks!

Well, it's bed time, time to dream a few new tunes.

Marshall Amp

Yesterday I played through an old Marshall half stack, tube amp. Oh man, what a great sound, it's spiritual. I mean I've listened to Hendrix and SRV for years, and played their songs on a little solid state practice amp. This whole body vibration of the Marshall half-stack is where it's at. There is a lot of power in this amp and can feel it in my chest even when it isn't turned on. I am so grateful for the chance to experience playing my strat through this sacred amplifier. Lots of rockin' to be coming from Marshall spirit realm this weekend. Whoa! whoa! whoa!!!!

Fat Belly's Monday Music Mayham

Last night was a great show with Joey Pratt and Jack from Fire Tower, at Fat Belly's in Portsmouth. Thanks to all who came out, I'm still buzzin from the enjoyment of playing there. It was fun to play some of the new songs we are working on, Slow Down, To The River, That Asteroid, and Voice of Reason. Back to recording today. Thanks again to Fat Belly's in Portsmouth, you guys were fantastic!


Woohoo it's tracking week, we're set up in the basement and got everything tuned in. Wrote about 15 songs since this thing began on Feb 1st. Some of the lyrics had been hanging around a few months though. Excited to record and do some overdubs. We'll have an album before we know it.

Working on album

Mike is listening to the White Stripes right now. We are snowed in and writing songs. 3 today so far. rough ones. sunshine is beaming in the sunporch window and the guitars are glowing in the sun. taking the time make this album this month is going great.

Past midnight

I should be sleeping now because it's an early morning for work tomorrow. After midnight is a time of creativity for me, this is when the fantasy world tries to take over reality, when dreams are almost real, all I have to do is close my eyes and we're there. A good place to find songs from. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dec 29th, a new age

Well I'm glad the world didnt end on the 21st. My friends Mike and Jay and I are going to write and record an album in February. IT'll be the first time I've really blocked out everything and focused on making music. I'm not sure how we're going to make it through the month without working and making money but I'm holding that some magic will happen to help us realize this small dream of creating a great album. Making this commitment has made listening to other music more funand inspiring. Cheers to the full-time musicians, you light the way. -Dan