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Melody of your Demise / Blog


A Slowdance With Bad Ideas Motherfucking Die! we will not disappoint you, in a manner of speaking, these words will be your last. We'll never take you under false pretences, we'll never let you forget times past. so sing along with that cage you call a chest, and may i be so bold, as to let you know, that im the fucking world, and every breathe you fucking stole. This is a melody of your demise, Your last dance with death, This is a melody of your demise, We are cause and effect. Slowdance with bad ideas, that make or break your day, i am the face of your remorse, so get on your knees and pray. To die. God forbid they be melodramatic To be alive, is to feel once again, like you have become, something. to break the waves, of constant shame, is to become one, with this pain. I can see the darkness in your skies, broken hearts, and bloodshot eyes, can you see the way, i sympothize, with those that feel. the need to cry? The waves come crashing down, happiness will have, all sorrow drown. I will never let this fade, this will not come to pass, we will not be the first, and we'll never be the last, i swear i'll break these chains, these chains that hold me back, i feel your heart break, form the compassion you lack God forbid they be melodramatic. Judi Dench Battles The Rancor .....Are you feeling bold? Cos time can't turn back now, We're broken and confused, empty, over-used. Are you losing Faith? Cos faith is losing you You're coming undone, This feeling is nothing. Its oh so fucking tragic. You couldn't fucking hack it. Be this the end, Of Everything. You'll find what you've been looking for StrongBOW Strongbow, We Love You, Let's Get, Pissed! Carol Vodeman, We love you, Lets play, Countdown!