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Nic Tango - The Complete Collection 2012

$25 - 5CDs + (Bonus CD) - 93 Tracks

Postage:$6.60 weight + $1.30 Parcel + $1.10 Stamp = $9 (Total with discs = $34)

Pillars of Orion (15 Tracks) - $5 A collection of songs I would say are my most familiar works, the album that most defines my creative musical ability.

Suicide Notes From Earth (15 Tracks) - $5 A collection of songs predominantly from my youth, some of the tracks herein are around 18 years old, self taught rhythms fuelled by angst and a broken home.

Love Spells & Convallaria (14 Tracks) - $5 A collection of songs about love & relationships.

Thaleia (14 Tracks) - $5 A collection of songs about human history & ancient stories handed down by passed generations.

Chasing Sun (14 Tracks) - $5 A compilation of songs by Chasing Sun. Featuring the song Psychotic Highway, recorded at Airlock Studios.

Children of Thoth (21 Tracks) - (Bonus CD) Obscure songs that were never meant to be songs but rather jam tracks and random miscellaneous audio tracks.