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Daddy Zen Dog / Blog


In 1985 I was serving my self imposed sentence in the U.S. Navy in a land based trainreat Mistakes IL.. Every weekend our barracks would get to go out on the town on 'Liberty'. every friday night at 5:30-after chow- there was a guy who would canvas every one for $1.00. if he couldn't get a dollar from you that was alright. he would settle for whatever you would spare. That guy always had at least 50.00 by the time he would leave the the Barracks. translate that into whatever you want. how about 'Just 35 cents a day will allow Mei Ling to eat tonight' or ' For just 23.00 a monthyou too can own this beautiful set of ass hammer of love attachments'.

My point... Trickery in advertising works

I sell music and a good feeling. That's what it amounts to for me. I am not ashamed of what I sell and I want to be up-front about it. music conveys the soul and I bare mine to you. If it strikes a chored in your heart then own it, Buy it and share it. no tricks or fancy sales

Standing in the door of oppourtunity

'You can't walk through Times Square with out dropping a $20'. I forget where I heard that but I've been there and it's true. The whole Idea is that if you stand in front of the door to oppourtunity and charge admission you'll get rich. A marketing ploy that works. More often what's behind the door is usually a brick wall or an alley to get mugged in. Fortunately we as a people are becoming wise to it and being skeptical about what to pay for. Unfortunately we have lost our faith in capitalism and the walls are crashing down. How many times do you have to get mugged before you stop going to the alley. How do we fix it ? Those of us in a position to effect change either fall prey to the temtation of power or are bullied into 'Business as usual'. So what we end up with is another door to a brick wall. Sold on promise, invest our faith and get lttle or no return So is it the Goverment ? We as a race will probably not see a day without greed or lust for power but to stem the tide of 'kill or be eaten' mentality takes a mass effort of resisting the temptation towards greed. It calls for a revelution and not a changing of the gaurd. Yes we need a governing body. A Mom and Dad to mediate our differances to remind us of our commitment to fairness, to ensure equal education so that as a race we may prosper. The most important part being that each one of us do no harm to another Is it God ? Call me a heathen, call me what you will but Know that I believe in 'Higher power'. Over the centuries 'God's have been used to beat the masses in to submission and Justify unspeakable horror. yes, it falls to human interpretation and so on. Perhaps 'God is our Mind' and it has been fragmented over time and though the connections to each other are still there, We have lost the ability to use them. Where the hell are you going with this ? What I suggest is pure fantasy - Knowing what I do about people in general - but if we could put the pathways to our 'Collective mind' to use again and not fear bding dominated by one another or have the urge to dominate We might have a shot at a few more million years on this lovely rock If you made it this far your as crazy as I am - The laws of the animal Kingdom are perfect for the animals but we are better than the animals. there is no Legitimate reason why we need to dominate each other. Human beings are in control of our enviroment enough that every one on this Earth can eat and live freely-

smoke and mirrors

The danger lies in those who feed your ego. thier motives are usually selfish. In my experiance they are usually desparate people otherwise they would not sacrifice thier dignity. they recognize the creative people full of fire and passion as a food source and bump them as a shark will when tasting thier prey. Energy Vampires. Forsaking dignity they throw themselves at thier victims with lust and mimick kindred spiritness, separate you from all support, play on your Ego and pride making you believe that it is all your desire to willingly leave the safety of all you Know. Some say Yoko was such a person but that's a tale for another time If you've never been haunted by such a creature as an energy Vampire you my friend are the few and the fortunate. If you think that you are in this trap now, or even suspect it. Check your pride, think of yourself and the dreams you have and stick to them. you may hurt some feelings but that is only temporary. You have to spend the rest of your life with imprisoned in the "If only"