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The Option One... / Blog

More Sessions

S Jan / Feb involved with several sessions Guitar & Bass - Still doing several evenings tuition - plus recording some folks too...!! Also finally made it to an Anechoic Chamber (another one ticked of the to do list) very cool... March = more recording folks and the promise of at least one new song of my own on the way...

Jan -

First Sessions of the year with some Bass and Guitar for a local Studio...


Start of a new year, new opportunities... hope it's a good one for all of us ...M

Facebook - Music Page

''The Option One'' Facebook page... click the Fb logo above...


Merry Christmas one and all... !! let's all have a great 2014...

New song ''CATALYST''

New single - http://soundcloud.com/theoptionone/catalyst

New Song - Check it out !!

I've been working with & recording an exciting new singer called ''Harriet'' first song - ''Drunk'' http://soundcloud.com/harriet-mcdonnell/drunk-1

Harriet: Acoustic Guitar - Vocals I was responsible for Electric Guitar - Bass - Drums Eng/rec/mix/prod. if you like it pass it round...

more info on my services: - Session work - Guitar Tech - Recording Services - Instruments - Effects - etc http://www.myspace.com/theoptionone



The great year for Great Britain continues with the Jubilee celebrations... have a great weekend, relax & enjoy...

Abbey Road Lecture (Studio 2)

Just been to a happening at Abbey Road studio #2 where Brian Kehew and Kevin Ryan, the authors of 'Recording The Beatles' held a lecture, celebrating 80 years of Abbey Road... a great chance to see some great footage, cool sounds and gain an insight into some of the techniques used by everyone from Elgar 1931 - (Land of Hope & Glory) - Beatles - Pink Floyd and more... a great chance to oggle at some original: Desks - Processors (Fairchild) - Instruments (Beatles Tack piano - Celeste Great sounding Bell piano - (Beatles also Floyd - Dark side) (plus several other pianos) & other original gear & of course the opportunity to climb those stairs... and also breath in the atmosphere of #2... (my favourite Abbey Road room...) great day... great lecture too, nice one fellas.

Sessions & Abbey Road !!

More studio work booked, (Hurrah) also very excited to be attending a ''happening'' at Abbey Road #2 for a lecture being given by the authors of Recording The Beatles book... lots of nice old gear to oggle at and a nice opportunity to breath in studio #2, my favourite of the Abbey Road rooms...