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New collab songs

Hmm, it seems it will be NEW COLLABS by Mila Dream and friends till the end of this autumn !!! can't wait to finish them all, to listen to :)


Music Only

Joy of Music

The joy of music is incredible, out of range , out of all awards and ratings; good wishes and positive vibes to all; love to all the musicians, love to all people of Earth

My site is MADE !!!

I have just made my personal site !!!! http://mila-dream.wix.com/official


The autumn have just come , the autumn of music

The summer

I'm on vacation now :)

Mila Dream New Video

Daniel Paquin from Canada made a new amazing video of "Belong", a duet song : Alien Skin with Mila Dream

Mila Dream

I change my name into Mila Dream.It's the same version as previous, but typed with little letters. Yours, Mila Dream


My music name is changed into MILA DREAM (previous version : MI*LA). I hope you'll love this version), Yours, MILA DREAM

For all who asked to buy MI*LA 's music.

WONDERFUL NEWS: You can buy 2 singles on CD Baby (for all countries): http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/MILA2 and "M" album as a CD in ReverbStore (not for all countries): http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_639142

Listen to and take MI*LA's music for your pleasure. A lot of love to all.