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Strive to find the light in the Darkness / Blog

Mixdown weekend

So there are a number of new ideas brewing, and I should be able to resolve the issue of new content here soon. That being said, I am going to try to go in a new direction next. I have a road trip in the near future and I can see what the road will bring. Hoping to get some good pictures, and video to share with this new content. Continued gratitude to any who listen and share this sound.

Music of the Mind is now available

Look I know it sounds a bit redundant, but Music of the Mind is now available here at reverbnation, but due to the file size, some of them will not be posted here. Maybe I will figure something out.

Music of The Mind

I have reached a point in my creative life, where I try to finish one thing at a time. I cannot imagine what I could do if time was of ample supply. This batch is by no means perfect, but there are some cool moments. I will release some more of this in the days and weeks to come.

Putting the progress in progressive

Embrace the idea of technology when it comes to music. Anyone who considers themselves a musician should at the very least, toy with a sequencer or two. Music of the Mind....this is where you learn how to use subtle differences in each sequence. It will also help you with composing if your new to music. With all of this nonsense I am typing, at least you have the title to the next volume. Stay Tuned.

Blog Entry....just in case your wondering.

Look, I am going to be downright honest. People say that talk is cheap. Give me a few minutes if your time for a free download. Come and visit our pages, wherever you can find them...I am sure that I have hit a key you may like. Let's face the truth together. Musicians are a dime a dozen, and they all have opinions about the way a piece of music is written. This is not about money or image or who has the biggest dick. I like good music. The type that seems to be going extinct. I wonder why after 8 years I cannot seem to find any mates to take my sound seriously. I don't have the required killer instinct to force my music down anyone's throat. But you know, none of that matters. This site has allowed me to share this with all of you. This is done for the love of creation, enjoy the ride. ------Todd

Hard Rock Rising voting ended.

Thank you to whomever voted for us in this contest. This is underground music for the electronic age. And things are looking up my friends. A vote for this sound is more encouraging than any kind of fame or infamy. Music helps me free all my negativity, into something I can then share with all of you. Thanks to technology. Todd

Hard Rock Rising 2014

There is nothing in the world like acceptance. And I have some news, Let your Guitar Be The Voice, was accepted into the Hard Rock Rising contest. So I feel I owe you some history concerning this one, a good friend of mine...simply suggested that I focus on what I do well. I have always been critical of my singing, so my response was: You mean let the guitar be the voice? The things we learn from our mentors. What happened was some of the music I am most proud of. Here are the details concerning the contest. Starting February 3, your song will be available for download on the Hard Rock Cafe Detroit Facebook page. During this phase, fans can download tracks for free to vote for the band(s) they want to see participate in their city. Each download counts as a vote. Fans can vote for as many bands as they would like; however, they can only vote for each band once and will be required to "Like" the local Hard Rock Facebook page. There is no registration or fee required for fans.

Circles Trilogy released 01/09/14

These are the final 3 songs of the Science era. Time to move on to something new. I have not posted much in some time. Sometimes life gets in the way. And sometimes all your ideas sound the same, why do I use the same notes all the time? Every musician willing to admit it or not has a favorite note to hit. And if your timing is right, the drums will feel like a natural fit. I do this for the love of it. I appreciate everyone who listens, and if your reading this even more so.

check out our song list!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings any and all who listen here on our reverbnation website. This has been going on for quite some time now, and at the moment work is starting on the next phase. In the meantime, you can discover all of our free downloads....all we ask is that if you like something, share it. Everyone have a safe Thanksgiving. I am always grateful to anyone who will listen.


Thank you for helping us reach 10,000 plays!!!!!!!

Greetings, thanks for checking in. As a special gift to anyone who regularly visits here, pay attention to the song list. The first 10 songs are from the Science of Sound. Thank you again to anyone who will open their mind and listen.