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(no band name) / Blog

We are now (formerly known as) MIGUEL-ICUSEYE. It 's time to be a BAND!

Hey FANZ, Our band has decided to change the name because, quite frankly.........it was not a band name to be a band at the time (if you are not confused with the reason hahaha!). This idea of pursuing music as a solo artist (yes, this is the truth of how and why the name came about) and to conceptualize it into being officially a new beginning for me with music, it was not an easy ride for the first year. But, now I am not alone and it feels great to be sharing a NEW BEGINNING as a super group of united we stand and divided we fall, type of understanding and committment! It is not going to be easy to advertise for a time to all the fanz who may have or did become familiar and/or comfortable in knowing MIGUEL-ICUSEYE. But, we hope it will be as smooth transition as possible for all of us. We will announce our NEW NAME and we look forward to promoting our 1st SHOW! MIG OUT.


March 13th 2010: I had made my first appearance as (formerly known as)MIGUEL-ICUSEYE for Music Life Radio hosted by Dan Sauter. I was asked to tell stories about the life of being a past, present and future musician. The experience had touched me in ways where I felt so comfortable, I was not aware most of the time of being interviewed at all. It was very casual but attentive to the stimulation I had felt in opening up about parts of my musical career. I am very happy to have shared areas of humor, interest, passion, love, defeat and triumph, among other personal and professional viewpoints from deep within the vault of music and my direct line to it. http://www.musicliferadio.com MIG OUT.


Life does not change if life does not live to live. Time exists with no end and no beginning so why schedule time? To think has it 's price...........because a thought can lead to a decision of right or wrong to what happens next in life. One day, we will all be free. But, for now........I 'm limited.