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33 Years / Blog

What's your draw

"You know the scenario.... you’ve been trying to get into this local bar for who knows how long and your buddy just gave you the name of the new booker. You email him or text or whatever his preference is and you get the dreaded dead end comment back: "How many people can you draw at my venue....?" Your heart sinks, your confidence dwindles and you think, "Hey, is there anyone out there who really cares about the music nowadays?"

You write, again, the booker in that DC venue where you are trying to get a show to round out your tour and AGAIN - that question pops up.... "How many people will you bring?" Well... DUH! I’m trying to break into this new market. How do I get my foot in the door when I KNOW I can’t bring a draw the FIRST time I play your venue?

- See more at: http://www.indieonthemove.com/blog/2014/05/whats-your-draw#sthash.rDqUX7MZ.dpuf

NYC to Denver!

We are on the move this month - first to NYC at The Parkside Lounge where we got to hang with our NYC friends! This was special because our NJ/NY folks have never even seen us play instruments before! Thanks to everyone who came out to see us!

As a duo act, Kevin and I played the Florida Strawberry Festival yesterday and what a fair that is! 11 days full of music, strawberries, food, crafts.... if you live near Plant City, FL go and check it out!

Next week, we'll be up near Orlando at Sleeping Moon Cafe and then next month a few stops in Colorado! Hope to catch up with some friends out there as well.

It's like one big class reunion!

Thanks for listening and thanks for visiting!

paula & kevin 33 Years

Vote for A Case of Whiskey!

We're so proud to be nominated along side some top South Florida talent for our song A CASE OF WHISKEY! Look for it in the FAVORITE SONG BY A LOCAL ARTIST CATEGORY on this site: http://www.southfloridacountrymusic.com/2013-sfcm-awards-final-round-of-voting/

God bless! Paula & Kevin Duo / Band: 33 Years

Florida to Knoxville!

Hey Everyone,

Phew - I don't know what is more work.... booking shows or making sure you post your dates to all your artsit websites. Well... we are getting ready to get on tour next week in Tennessee. This time, we are making Knoxville our target base and we'll be playing at a few places around there. We'll get to preview our brand new song A Case Of Whiskey - so far, everyone LOVES IT!

I'm gonna miss my family but it will be worth it as we continue on our musical journey and get to play to some new faces along the way.

I sure hope we get a little Autumn weather because Florida is still hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof.

More updates next week from the road!

Till then, take care!

Paula & Kevin

33 Years

All things South Florida!

We recently went on Michael Stock's radio show on WLRN, Miami. It was so exciting to get into the studio and see the HUGE collection of CD's and Michael is a wonderful host. We hope to come back sometime soon!

This is a big week - we have our first area club debut tomorrow night at Fish Tales in Fort Lauderdale. Check our upcoming show schedule because we'll be showing up at various venues in our back yard soon!

paula & kevin

In Nashville...

So - to think we came here just two months ago and now we are back for our SECOND time! This time with guitars, mandolin and lots of fun appointments. Meeting other songwriters, visiting studios and trying to play a bit too. It's all good and there are so many venues to check out both in Nashville and in the surrounding areas. It has been so fun to meet all you restaurant owners who provide the stage and help provide an atmosphere for live music to be heard! This has definitely been an experience for Kevin and myself. Hope to see you around town!


Key Largo's Original Music Fest

So - we're getting ready to head down to the Keys next Friday for the Key Largo Original Music Fest! This is going to be a hoot! Some fresh arrangements of originals - even a few from Kevin. Come on down and see us! http://www.keylargosongwritersfestival.com/

South Florida Country Music

So happy to be listed on the Artist roster for South Florida Country Music! woo hoo!


Getting out...

So.... they guys finally persuaded me to play live. We've just started to work on our new Americana material and I'm super excited. I'm still writing Country lyrics and fleshing out some more original tunes.

Oh - and one more thing. Kevin got me a mandolin for Christmas. The pick guard was damaged so it's been sent back for repairs. Can't wait to start learning some mandolin licks.

Just keeping you updated! Thanks so much for listening and God Bless!

New Single: Merry Christmas I Love You Baby!

Check out our new single, Merry Christmas I Love You Baby! We're live on itunes, Amazon and of course, the Reverbnation Store! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/merry-christmas-i-love-you/id578373147