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Acoustic Lighting / Blog

That's The Reason

This new song came like raindrops and i filled my fountain pen and wrote the words in my book. My friend in Canada, Steven Jackson,sang all the background vocals.Lisa Gee played the bass, and Scott Hultgren performed the drums. I would never have met these good people if it wasn't for this medium we share,and in the spirit of that free collaboration on this song, here is an exclusive download of That's The Reason and allow me to return this gift to all those that have stayed with me.

That's The Reason

Drums Scott Hultgren (Chicago) Bass Lisa Gee (Chicago) BGV Steven Jackson (Canada) Vocal and Guitars Frederick Harrison Rucker/Acoustic Lighting (Oklahoma) Produced and mixed by Jeremy Reynolds (Clearwater,Fl and Acoustic Lighting) Written by Frederick Harrison Rucker BMI 2013

new songs from friends

Listening to lots of really good songs from new friends today

hearing music

Thanks to Wayne Greenstone,Chris Duval and my friend Andy Boyt for playing my music.

Sept 31

On this Blue Moon, thanks you for bringing my numbers up and plying these songs everybody ! Everyone responded so kindly and i hope to continue as i have been, to listen to you , learn from your stories and share a laugh or two. there is an album in the works , and fairly soon. Thank you everyone, hope you enjoy love , friendship and fair weather. Acoustic Lighting

More thanks

Chris Duval presents played my music on his Tuesday night shows on Splash Radio. Aug 7,14, and 21. Thank you Chris and thansk to all the very friendly listeners too !

Thank you

Thanks to BB Skone in Pembrokeshire for playing my collab with Steve Kelly , Chris Duval @ SplashRadio . my dear friends Andy and Eileen Boyt ;The Acoustic Programme and to Mr G, Wayne Greenstone ;Knysna 97FM in South Africa. I appreciate you playing my music and the music of my friends around the world.

100 degrees in June

Thank you all so very much . I'm sending my respect and regards and gratitude . Acoustic Lighting

Middle of March

time to spring up and play some more music ! To all my friends ! i have been listening to ya ! Thank you everyone !! please feel free to communicate !

Suuny Saturday, end of the month

Ist month January almost past and it feels like a heavy blanket sliding off my shoulders. Sincere gratitude to you ! I am so very humbled to know you read this. Might hve heard a song, too! . thank you. i hope to hear somethjing new and sing it soon. appreciate all of you. Acoustic Lighting

"new view"

Now RN, after the mishnash of FB & now Google , with New Views ! leave well enough alone , ok ?