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Performing Live at the Tiger Tail Saloon Downtown Kansas City, MO on August 9th has just added the stunning feature dancer/model Brooke Robinson (aka Cherry) to the evening and will be having Christopher Lee shooting a multi-camera Live Music Video. Also opening acts by Riot!Riot!Riot at 7:30p and Paul Wilks & The Hardlikker Quartet Quartet at 9p. Nasty Habits takes over the stage at 11p. Hope to see everyone out there. It's going to be a special night!

Nasty Habits-official album release date

The official album release date for our latest alum "Material" (with benefits) is October 8th, 2013. But for anyone who is interested in an early sneak peak, you can check it out on itunes now.

Record release

Nasty Habits-Material (with benefits) is finally complete and artwork approved. Ready for production, so stay tuned for a full release within the next 30 days!

Nasty Habits- in the studio

Its been an awesome few months in the recording studio, Hard work certainly pays off.

NASTY HABITS  (over 1 year ago)

Finished recording second album and stocked to hear the mixes. Now our label is mastering our songs and the marketing department if finishing up the inside album sleeve. Stay tuned for the release!

Nasty Habits- "Everybody's got one".

We have decided that this band would be a statement. Every song would be written with something important to say, some kind of meaning. You may not alway's like it, but it will leave you thinking.. Even the name of our band say's something about each and everyone of us. Nasty Habits- We all have a nasty habit. We invite you tell us about you or someone you know with a nasty little habit, and you you may hear about it in our next song.