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Vic Stathopoulos / Blog

Gigs in Dublin

Hi I have played about 15 gigs so far this year in Dublin. If you want to hear the music / see video from the gigs check my website www.planetvic.com http://www.planetvic.com One of my favorite gigs so far has to be Brady's Sessions. You can find it on the homepage. Just to let you know I am playing on Wednesday 2nd July at Freaked out Acoustic session and Saturday 5 July at the Taste of Music at Arthur's. http://www.planetvic.com/taste-music-arthurs Have you see the new look of planetvic.com? If not, I changed it in april and it has a new template and new look to it. I am in the process of adding some dedicated sections to hear music and videos. I have also added Vic's future and past gigs. http://www.planetvic.com/gigs This page is useful because it gives you an ideas when I playing next and what songs I played at various gigs. Can you please mention the gig news on your website. If you have questions please message me. Cheers! Vic Stathopoulos

New Song - Money Doesn't Grow on Trees by Vic Stathopoulos

Hi All! I have added a new song to Reverbnation and it’s called ‘Money Doesn't Grow on Trees’. It’s a rock n roll style. Its fun to listen to and it makes you feel like dancing. Click to listen to the song - Money Doesn't Grow on Trees: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_10024476 Click below to hear the Vic Stathopoulos play list (23 songs) on Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/3424643 *** Vic's News *** CHANGING ORDER OF SONGS The order of the Vic Stathopoulos play list has changed. The new song ‘Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees is first in the list now and I have moved Hoping Time to number 4. The first six songs now are: 1. Money Doesn't Grow on Treees 2. Who is River Song 3. In my life (Piano Song) 4 4. Hoping TimeVic Stathopoulos 5. Education is the way 6. Vic's 10 sec Doctor Who Theme NO RELEASE DATE FOR VIC’S FIRST RECORD I don't think I will release my first record in November / December. I will keep you posted in future blogs. VIC STATHOPOULOS IPHONE APP I was planning to make an iPhone application with Reverbnation, but due to the costs I will abandon it for now. NEW SONGS FOR FUTURE I have some great songs in the pipeline. I have a few synth songs that are virtually ready to go and I have another guitar based song called ' True Love'. Stay tuned. TROUBLE WITH VIC’S MACBOOK PRO These days we are so reliant on computers and that even applies to musicians. In the old days musicians would use reel to reels and mixers and now many use computers for recording the music. Unfortunately in the last month I have had alot of trouble with the trackpad on my Macbook Pro that its delayed my work. What’s wrong with it? It keeps selecting everything on the screen so it makes it very hard to use. I am at present waiting for a part to fix it. If you want to help me spread the word my music, tell ALL your friends, post in Facebook, Tweet about it, mention it wherever you can. Take care. Vic Stathopoulos http://www.dialashop.com/vic/index.html

Vic Music and New Pics

At long last I have added new photos on Reverbnation. There are extra photos on my Facebook page.


♫ MY FIRST RECORD COMES OUT NOVEMBER 17!!!! ★ I would be interested to hear which songs you'd like to see released. Also check out my latest demo songs. http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/3285545 Vic's News I am making a iphone application with Reverbnation. I will send you all a message when I release it.

At the moment I am on vacation I am recording new songs. The songs will feature a live drummer and accoustic drums. The first song is called 'Money Doesn't Grow On Trees'. If you want to help me, then tell all your friends, family and even enemies about my music. Yeah get the Pulse happening. Inspire them. Take care. Vic

3 New Songs and Happy New Year to You

Hi All! Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2011. Wow! Christmas has past and its the new year. As promised in the last newsletter I have written a short song on christmas and you find it in the playlist below. I was going to send a newsletter around December 23rd, but I never sent it because I didn't have enough time to write a newsletter, to edit and mix the songs properly. I did more recordings during christmas & new year, but most of them were too experimental to add online. I also made my second video which I will announce in the next newsletter. I have added 3 songs (18 songs in total in Reverbnation): http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/3126488 1. Man with a Mission 2. Christmas Time 3. Come My Way - Guitar solo based song Christmas Time Lyrics Christmas Time Oh such a good time is Christmas Time Oh what a joyous occasion is Christmas Time Oh what a joyous occasion is Christmas Time You can be with your friends You can be with your close ones You can have the time of your life and forget about the bad times Oh Christmas Time Oh what a joyous occasion is Christmas Time Oh what a joyous occasion is Christmas Time When your with your loved ones (c) 2010 Vic Stathopoulos Writing 'Christmas Time' I wrote 'Christmas Time' on Monday 20th December 2010. I took the afternoon off, did some shopping and I decided to dedicate the rest of the afternoon in recording music. I had the idea of writing a song called 'Getting Ready for Christmas', but unfortunately when I went to start writing the idea didn't work. So I decided I will try to write something short and sweet. So I decided to use some orchestra sounds. I started with a harp and thats how I created the main melody. On this occasion instead of recording lots and lots of parts, I decided to play the parts and keep the parts I wanted instead of spending hours and hours editing. What your are hearing is a basic mix and I have not done any editing. Trying out Extra Vocals I was planning to do a version of 'Christmas Time' with background vocals. The idea was when the lead vocal sings 'Oh such a good time is Christmas Time' the background vocals would start singing 'Oh such a good time is Christmas Time' when you get to the word 'is'. The idea was to have multiple vocals. I basically ran out of time because I wanted to 'Man with a Mission'. I will re-work the 'Christmas Time' song again later this year for the next christmas. All I can say it ain't easy writing a Christmas song. If you like my music and want to spread the word then join the Street Team Mission. You will find it featured on my homepage on Reverbnation on the right side of the page: http://www.reverbnation.com/vicstathopoulos If you want to catch up with what I am doing, you will also find me on Twitter and Facebook. Vic Stathopoulos http://www.dialashop.com/vic

Best New Songs - Lena etc

I have added four new songs: Kousaros, Hair was Gold, Vic's Guitar Medley (Guitar Riffs) & Lena. Kousaros has great vocals. Enjoy! I have also updated the Tunepak and it features 14 songs. Click to play Songs from ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/3037128 Here is a list of all the songs: 1. Kousaros: Greek Rock Song - Vocals, Guitar, Drums 2. In my life (Piano Song) 16.3 3. Hair was Gold (Vocals, Organ, Piano) 4. Requiem 5. Distant Memories 6. Hoping Time Mix 2 7. Lena Song - Vic Stathopoulos 8. Vic's Guitar Medley - Guitar Riffs 9. Sveltos (Greek Song) 10. Hoping Time (slight different mix - subtle 11. They Play My Feelings 12. Planet Venus Mission Music 13. Final Fall 14. In these Times of Love and Hate If you like my music and want to spread the word then join the Street Team Mission. You will find it featured on my homepage on Reverbnation on the right side of the page: http://www.reverbnation.com/vicstathopoulos I might put some special christmas downloads for you all. So stay tuned. Vic Stathopoulos

Greek Song

Sveltos is the first Greek Song I am adding to Reverbnation. It is an instrumental. Sveltos means you are fast at doing a job / task. I have also a nice instrumental called 'Distant Memories'. This tune uses some wonderful sounds to create a nice ambience. I removed the song 'I don't want to dream about (being your lover). So there are now 10 songs on Reverbnation. OTHER GREEK VIC SONGS I have added a few Greek Songs online and they are located at Myspace.com/vicstathopoulos. One of my first Greek Songs is called 'Kalo Skopo' and its still there. I am thinking of making a separate website for the Greek Music, but its alot of working maintainining too many websits. MUSICALLY WHAT AM I DOING Recently I decided to take a break from guitar orientated songs and I have been doing more synthy songs. Sveltos song is basically a experiment and I was trying out some ideas and some new mixing methods. I have also spent alot of time in the last few months trying to work out how to make my songs sound clearer and better and I believe some of my new mixes are clearer, fuller and much better than my older stuff. So now I need to go back and remix the old songs and replace them with new versions. First Music Video If you havn't seen my first video yet, its called Planet Venus Mission and its on Reverbnation. Thats all folks and see you in the next blog. Vic

1st Music Video

Hi there! I have made my first music video. This is the story in how I wrote the song and how I made the First Vic Stathopoulos Video. INITIAL INSPIRATION The last song I added online was 'Hoping Time' and for me I felt it was one of my better produced songs. In most of my other songs I was using this drum machine called Ultrabeat from the software I use (Logic) and its consistently was giving me trouble with timings, sound, feel etc. I won't bore you with the technical mumbo jumbo. I basically was feedup with the sound so I decided to try a drum software called Stylus RMX which I bought a few years and never really used. To make a long story short, I started to experiment with it and I came up with 'Hoping Time' and after that I wrote some very short expreimental melodies and patterns which led to my latest instrumental called 'Planet Venus Mission'. So I started experimenting with Stylus RMX and then I was playing with an old 70s software synth and I experimented with some guitat fx and I came up with this very moody music and I named it after the first thing that came in my mind Planet Venus. THE VIDEO I used Planet Venus footage from some footage I found online by National Georgraphic. I have acknowledged them in the video and mentioned their website. I added titles and did some slight editing of the footage. I have been working on it all nights its now 8.05am and I am very tired now. I hope you enjoy my first video. Vic Stathopoulos http://www.dialashop.com/vic

New Song - Hoping Time

Hello, how are you? I hope you are well. Last time I wrote this blog World Cup was on and it was fun to watch. Did you see the finals Holland vs Spain? Did you see that Karate Kick? Wow. I thought I was suppose to be watching soccer. NEW HOT INSTRUMENTAL Musically I have been doing some experiments and I have something nice for you to listen to and its called 'Hoping Time'. I decided to do a fully Electronic song with no guitar and the feedback I have had from friends has been great. http://www.reverbnation.com/vicstathopoulos I was experimenting with synth called Linplug CronoX3 and I came up with a nice repetive riff so I thought wow this sounds fantastic. Yeah it did in the headphones and I thought I was on a winner in terms of a great idea for a song. When I played it back via the speakers it sounded boring. So anyway I did a bit of experimenting and I tried a different drum software program called Stylus RMX and I used an organ sound and some other synths and I think I baked a great tune. The funny thing about this tune is I never played any notes on my keyboard. I used the computer keys and the mouse to make the tune. ADDED SONG PLAYER TO VIC HOMEPAGE I have added the Reverbnation music player to the left of my Vic Personal site. http://www.dialashop.com/vic This blog was derived from the one I wrote on MySpace. Anyway enjoy my songs. Take care and see you in the next blog. Vic Stathopoulos

Piano Song

I have added three songs to Reverbnation: 1. In these times of times 2. In my life (piano instrumental) 3. I don't want to dream (about being your lover) Plus I mention other songs and info. I DON'T WANT TO DREAM (ABOUT BEING YOUR LOVER) This is a new version of I don't want to dream (about being your lover). New version in the sense I have recorded it on the computer. The previous version was recorded in a studio with my brothers. http://www.reverbnation.com/vicstathopoulos WORLD CUP SONG - 'WINNING AND LOSING' This song is written in upbeat, fast style. The melody goes up and down like an emotional roller coaster a bit like watching a match. The lyrics are multi-meaning. What I am trying to say it applies to the player, the team and even the spectator. The song tries to show all the various emotions from verse to verse. http://www.myspace.com/vicstathopoulos YOU GOT THE WAY This is another song I have added. When I wrote the song I thought I'd try a Hip Hop drum beat from the music program I use 'Logic Pro'. I came up with this arpeggio idea and it sort of sounds like a 1960s alternative. I personally liked the song, but I was not sure if people would like the mix of guitar, synths, hip hop beat and the experimental nature of the song. I showed it to a friend who likes hip hop and he thought it was one of best songs. Anyway, I thought I would share it with you. The song is part of my collection of songs that are using the theme name 'Abbey Road Revisited' concept. VS WEBSITE I haven't had a chance to update my Vic Stathopoulos site. I will add a few more things to it in the next few weeks. Via my VS site you can access my facebook and twitter pages. http://www.dialashop.com/vic/ Its 5.30am, I better go to sleep. I have been up all night trying to get the songs finished and to write up the blog also. Better go to sleep. Take care and happy listening. Vic

Vic Stathopoulos Newsletter

I have updated my personal site and I have added lots of pages on it - mainly on Greece and Greek Music. Read the newsletter: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/travelandmusic/message/7 I also updated the homepage of the Vic Stathopoulos personal site and added the MySpace Photo of myself. Read the newsletter for details and if u like join it. I send the newsletter once in a while. Here are some of the pages I have added: Greek Islands http://www.dialashop.com/vic/greekislands/index.html Greek Islands are popular holiday destinations for tourists throughout Europe and from around the world. Demis Roussos http://www.dialashop.com/vic/greek/demisroussos.html In the 1970s with several hit albums. 'Forever and Ever' single topped the charts. Mykonos http://www.dialashop.com/vic/greekislands/mykonos.html Mykonos is a beautiful island in the Cyclades must be one of the most famous island of Greece. Bouzouki http://www.dialashop.com/vic/greek/bouzouki.html Bouzouki is a Greek Musical Instrument. It comes in 2 forms: 8 stringed mainly and 6 six string. I also play this instrument. Greek Singer http://www.dialashop.com/vic/greek/singer.html Do you have a favourite Greek Singer? I added a list of some of the popular singers with brief info. Santorini http://www.dialashop.com/vic/greekislands/santorini.html It is world famous for its volcano and its picturesque and spectacular white painted villages with their cubic houses and chapels. Ios http://www.dialashop.com/vic/greekislands/ios.html Ios is a beautiful island located between Naxos and Santorini, in Greece Cyclades Islands. Thanks for reading the newsletter and keep in touch by joining it. Vic Stathopoulos