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Transcend with Time / Blog

"The Calling Whisper" now in rotation at AddictedToRadio.com (Day Spa Channel)

Just got confirmation today that "The Calling Whisper" has been added to AddictedToRadio.com (Day Spa station). Go check them out. Link: http://addictedtoradio.com/music/internet-radio-stations/classical-relaxing-radio-stations/day-spa/# Thanks Sal.

New review off "The Calling Whisper"

Here's a brand new review off "The Calling Whisper." 3rd one so far, hopefully, more to come. It's a great one. Go check it out. Thanks Thomas. Link: http://www.headphonaught.co.uk/2012/07/loving-calling-whisper-by-transcend.html

"The Calling Whisper" to be added to Calma Radio

Just wanted to post that I got confirmation today that "The Calling Whisper" will be added to Calma Radio's rotation. Songs off the album will start receiving airplay until afternoon this coming weekend, so be sure to go check them out. They play excellent Ambient, Chill, etc. music. Here's the link: http://www.digilab.fm/calma-radio

New review off "The Calling Whisper" at Ambient Exotica

Finally, my second review off "The Calling Whisper" has surfaced. This one is from Ambient Exotica. Thanks Bjorn. Go check it out: http://www.ambientexotica.com/ambrev088_transcendwithtime_cw

"The Calling Whisper" now in rotation at Radio Kapadosia

Just got confirmation that "The Calling Whisper" is now in rotation at Radio Kapadosia. Be sure to listen. Link: http://radio--kapadosia.playtheradio.com/

Still going at Night Tides Radio

Just wanted to post that "The Calling Whisper" still getting airplay over at Night Tides radio. This time it was "From A Distance." It was featured during Hour 2 of last week's show "Da-Da." Here's the link if you wish to check it out. http://archive.kcur.org/mp3/?id=9141&pid=5&t=Da-Da&h=2

"The Calling Whisper" to be featured at OM Radio

Just got confirmation that on June 21, at 18:30 GMT+3 time, "The Calling Whisper" will be featured in it's entirety at OM Radio (a Russian New Age station). Here's the link: http://om.md/forum/viewthread.php?tid=4 Go check it out if you can. It's nice to get airplay from across the globe..

TwT featured at Dirge Tu Vida radio station

I seem to have forgotten that at www.dirigetuvida.net, TwT has been added to their rotation. Be sure to check them out. It's great to be getting airplay all over the world...

TwT to be featured at Radio Universe 2

Just got confirmation that "A Moment" & "Across the Serene" from The Calling Whisper will be featured at Radio Universe 2 today. Here's the link: http://radio-universe-2.playtheradio.com/

"The Calling Whisper" still going at Night Tides Radio

Once again, this past Sunday at Night Tides Radio, "The Calling Whisper" was featured. WOW, that makes it 5 straight weeks. The song featured in the show was A Moment. Third song played during the 2nd hour of the show. Here's the link: http://archive.kcur.org/mp3/?id=9087&pid=5&t=...and&h=2