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Transcend with Time / Blog

"A Haunting Presence" added to rotation at RadioPM

Hey everyone, just got confirmation from Bob (owner) that "A Haunting Presence" is now in rotation at his station RadioPM. I'd appreciate your support & check me out at www.radiopm.com or http://www.live365.com/stations/radiopmcom

Really great news, now I need your support

I was just informed by Nick at Melodic Revolution Records, that Transcend with Time is one of the 5 finalists for the Artist of the Month of December. Pretty cool, right. Well, what I need from all of you is I need your support to hopefully win this contest. It would really mean a lot. So, if you can, please vote for my project at this link: http://www.micropoll.com/akira/mpview/643664-219887 Talk to you later.

"A Haunting Presence" added to radio station

Hello everyone, I just wanted to post that the title track to my latest CD "A Haunting Presence" has been added to the rotation at Experience Radio station. Their link is http://www.experience-radio.com/index.html I've even been graciously added to their Featured Artists list. Pretty good. So if you can, please check them out, and support my and all the other musicians featured.

1st review off "A Haunting Presence"

Here is the first review off "A Haunting Presence." Thankfully, it's a great one. Thank you BT Fasmer. This review can be found at: www.newagemusic.nu Each music genre has its own set of atmospheres that artists more or less adhere to. Even in experimental genres like psychedelic, post-punk or soul-jazz, artists rarely create something that has a totally different atmosphere. They create something with different expressions, but the underlying atmosphere stays the same. This is also the case with new age. Here we usually have an ethereal and meditative atmosphere that is both loved and hated for its simplicity. But there is a hidden world of sound here too, that is being presented to us by the band Transcend with Time (TwT). It has the atmosphere of progressive rock and the sound of new age. Now TwT has released a new album entitled A Haunting Presence. Read on, and get to hear about a hidden world of sound! Transcend with Time is a one-man band by Mark Mendieta from Brownsville, Texas. His previous projects all have thoughtful names, which beautifully show the duality between light and darkness in his music: A Voice of Calmness (2006). Reflections of the Soul (2007) and Through Memory’s Perception (2008). Mark Mendieta also has a progressive rock project called Subject to Thoughts, which is also highly recommended by this reviewer. The brand new TwT-album, A Haunting Presence, opens with a song that is called Hourglass Falls. It is a perfect introduction to TwT’s music; it is as beautiful as it is eerie, as complicated as it is simple. When listening to it is like stepping into a scary old house, filled with things that belongs in children’s nightmares – stuff that aren’t really scary, but still give you a foreboding feeling. Hourglass Falls is a new hit from TwT. It is Halloween music you can play all year round. The ingredients in TwT’s music is a mix of piano, analogue sounding synths and drums. Note that the foremost beauty is not in the arrangement, but the atmosphere. Therefore it is too easy dismiss TwT as “synth music” (which I have seen other reviewers do in the past) – but this is not the case at all. Just beneath the sequenced synth are layers of heartfelt musical poetry. The title song is, as implied, haunting, but in a good way. The songs flows away, like a dark undercurrent, taking you on a 7min18sec long journey. But there are brighter segments here as well, like the song In Loving Memory, which includes a wonderful vocal by Brandon Strader. It is 11 minute long, and the atmosphere rises and falls naturally, like if it was not a song but a stage play about the loving memories of a now lost family member. One of my favorite songs on the album is A Silent Lullaby. It is like an early Tangerine Dream-song, with its analogue synths, flutes and sharp strings. It is an ambient jewel; very meditative, and filled TwT’s usual mix of melancholy and joy. Another song I would like to mention is the faster Beneath. It could have been the sound track to an action movie. On A Haunting Presence Mark Mendieta takes everything that is great about new age and adds, what he calls, “a twist of Dark Progressive”. It creates a totally different atmosphere, unlike anything else you are likely to find in this part of the forest. TwT is not easy listening, and that is also the case with the new release. But if you give is some time, you will for sure be amazed of the richness in sound. After all, a haunting presence is not something you are likely to notice right away. The new chapter in TwT’s history is a very rewarding listen. You can sample and buy the album on Melodic revolution & CDBaby. Also be sure to check out TwT’s page on MySpace.

Downloads of "A Haunting Presence" now for sale

Hey everyone, just wanted to post that I just got confirmation from Melodic Revolution that both "Through Memory's Perception" & "A Haunting Presence" are now for sale as downloads. Here's the link: https://www.mindawn.com/artists/TranscendwithTime