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Transcend with Time / Blog

TwT finally on Facebook

I finally got to making a band page for TwT on Facebook. Here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Transcend-with-Time/151988104855849 If you wish to add me there, would appreciate it. Enjoy.

TwT being featured at RGV Titan Radio

Hey everyone, Mark here. I just wanted to post that I just got confirmation that songs off my latest album "A Haunting Presence" are being featured at RGV Titan Radio. For me, this is truly an honor being that this the first station within my region to play my music. Thanks guys for the opportunity. Anyway, here are some of their links: www.rgvtitanradio.com, www.myspace.com/rgvtitanradio, & www.facebook.com/rgvtitanradio Check me out if you can.

Delay again for "The Calling Whisper" CD

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post that there will be another delay for the release of "The Calling Whisper." Personal issues I need to attend too first. Hopefully, by the middle or late February the album will see the light of day. Mark

New album being featured at Mind Potion Radio

Hello everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that my new album "The Calling Whisper" along with "A Haunting Presence" is being featured at Mind Potion Radio. Links: http://mpr1.mindpotion.co.uk/ & http://mpr2.mindpotion.co.uk/ Check out their station if you can. Mark

TwT music featured on CSEN

Hello everyone, I just wanted to post that my music is now being featured at CSEN (Celestial Seas Entertainment Network) http://www.celseas.com Go check me out & all the other featured artists there as well. Mark

"The Calling Whisper" to be released

Hello everyone, just wanted to post that on January 18, 2011, I will be releasing "The Calling Whisper." I will be selling it through CDBaby & will get Digital Distribution also (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc.). So would appreciate all of your support. I hope you all can enjoy the album. Mark

"The Calling Whisper" to be delayed

Hi everyone, Mark here. I have some bad news to report. I regret to inform you that I have decided to delay the release of my upcoming CD "The Calling Whisper" which was going to be on November 9 to a later date TBA. At this point, I can't give an exact date as to when it can get released because my head is not in the "music thing" right now. The reason is that right now the family is going through a personal matter which needs my attention. Things have been real damn hectic. So hopefully the album may be released by December, but who knows. I'll let you all know.

2 new samples off "The Calling Whisper"

Hey everyone, just wanted to post that I have added 2 new samples off my upcoming CD "The Calling Whisper." They are "To Wither In..." & "Through A Conscious State." Enjoy. Hopefully, the album will be released by either late October or November, but I'll keep you posted.

7th review off "A Haunting Presence"

Just wanted to post that the 7th review off "A Haunting Presence" has been posted at Nightwaves Website. All in all, a very good review. Below is the review, but here's the link: http://nightwaveswebsite.tripod.com/id16.html Enjoy. If interested, go to CDBaby to purchase my album. Transcend With Time is the alter-ego of Mark Mendieta, a Texan musician who excels at creating resonant, haunting instrumental music. The title track is a stirring mix of strings, piano and provocative synth sounds. This is very cinematic, conjuring up images through sound. "Hourglass Falls" is another excellent example of this cinematic approach- I could easily imagine this playing during the opening credits of a film. Mark is obviously a gifted sound chemist; he mixes sounds in a very pleasing yet unpredictable manner. The CD also boasts a high level of musicianship. "A Silent Lullaby" reminds me of Angelo Badalamenti (which is a good thing!), while "Beneath" is wonderfully dark and mysterious. I predict this guy will be working on movie soundtracks someday!

TwT featured on Mind Potion Radio

Me again. I just found out "In Loving Memory" off A Haunting Presence has just been played at Mind Potion Radio. If you can, check them out. Links are http://mpr1.mindpotion.co.uk/ and to listen to their station: http://neilbartlett.tripod.com/mpr/id1.html