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Transcend with Time / Blog

TwT is Artist of the Week at Eclectic Vibration Radio

Just got confirmation that TwT has been named Artist of the Week at Eclectic Vibrations Radio. As well, a couple of songs off "The Calling Whisper" have been featured. If you wish, here's a page created for me: http://evrn.net/2012/05/transcend-with-time/ Thanks a lot Howard.

TwT featured again at Night Tides Radio

Just found that "To Wither In..." off The Calling Whisper was once again featured at Night Tides radio on last week's show "The Ever Winding Road." My song was the last one of hour 2. Here's the link: http://archive.kcur.org/mp3/?id=9060&pid=5 Thanks again Renee for the pub..

"The Calling Whisper" chosen as Editor's Choice at Filmari Radio

Just got this news as well that "The Calling Whisper" is/was to be featured on their "Editor's Choice" show today. That's awesome. It's great that my music can be heard on all corners of the world. This is an Italian radio site. What a wonderful thing. Check them out. Here's their link: www.filmari.it & here's the special site created for my album: http://www.filmari.it/index.php/news/135-the-editors-choice-trascend-with-time


"The Calling Whisper" featured on Night Tides Radio

I just wanted to post (I barely found out) that on April 29, 2012 on her "Lost & Found" show. Through A Conscious State off "The Calling Whisper" was featured. In fact it was the first song off the show. Anyway, hopefully, songs off my album continue to get airplay. If you wish to hear the show, here's the link to the 1st hour of her show: http://archive.kcur.org/mp3/?id=9045&pid=5

TwT now in rotation at Peaceful Moments

"The Calling Whisper" now in rotation at Peaceful Moments. Thanks Bob once again. Go check it out. Excellent music played there. www.radiopm.com

Facebook Likes

C'mon, only 15 likes. If you enjoy my music, would definitely appreciate a "Like."

TwT Featured Artist at Relaxed Machinery

Now some more great news. I was a Featured Artist at the Relaxed Machinery site. It's a hang out place for Ambient musicians, artists, photographers, etc. Cool place. Link: http://​relaxedmachinery.ning.com/

TwT to be featured at Radio Plenitude tomorrow

I just got confirmation from Dany today that starting tomorrow, my new CD "The Calling Whisper" goes into rotation tomorrow. Be sure to check it out. Link: http://www.radio-plenitude.com

TwT now Featured Artist at Our Place Radio

Just wanted to post that I just got confirmation that TwT will be the featured artist at Our Place Radio for about 2 weeks starting today. They will be featuring "The Calling Whisper." That is awesome news to hear. Anyway, here's their link: http://​radio.ourplace-sites.com/ Go check me & all the other great artists they play.

TwT now on AnotherPlanet FM

Just got confirmation that "The Calling Whisper" has been added to AnotherPlanetFM's playlist. Be sure to go check them out. Hopefully, you'll catch one of my tunes while you're there. Link: www.anotherplanet.fm