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Fun Tunes... Sick Drake (9/17/09)

This week we'll bring you more fun than a wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube man.

Alriiiiight, so just a couple things to get down on this week, we'll jump right into it.

SCHEDULE?!?!------------------------------------------------ yup, so in case any of you really want to know when we post things, we're gonna lay out the sched. straight up for you.

Semi-Daily Picture Postings (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Written Blog (Thursday) Video Blog / Webisodes (Friday) Fan of the Week (Friday)

check it =)

THIS WEEKS VIDEO BLOG--------------------------------------- Drake (yea thats me) was sick. We were supposed to do something involving me, but i died for a few days. I'm better though!! So what we did was introduce Brendan into the Webisodes, played some acoustic songs live, and showed a clip of one of the new songs coming out on our newest E.P., Behind Closed Eyes. The song is called Confidential Lying so see what its all about... if you dare.

Summary of last weeks blog -- -Introduction of Travis (Vox), Jaron (Bass), and Brokate (Roadie Extraordinaire) -Jaron gets nailed by a ball and eats a doughnut. Sounds like fun, because it is.

So thats all until next week... Check out some of the links at the end! -Drake

(myspace) http://www.myspace.com/vanattica (live webcam feed) http://www.stickam.com/vanattica (follow us!!) http://www.twitter.com/vanattica (Call us!!) 1 (815) 680-5084 free of service charge!! (Text us!!) send @vanattica (insert message afterwards) to SAYNOW (729669)

ex: @vanattica hey whats up, i love sky eats airplane

Flying Balls of Fury (9/8/09)

First, a big thanks goes out to everyone who made it to the Vanattica / Lucky Boys Confusion show this week. We had a huge turnout, even The Green Man from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia came lol (seriously). Now let’s get down to the bizznazz.

This week we’ll be talking about some fun goods sure to shake your baby maker.


We’ll have quite a few new postings going up this week… a new video blog (you’ll get to see why this news blog is titled flying balls of fury), some new live pictures, a new live video, a different Fan of the Week, and probaby a couple of things I’m forgetting. You guys get the point though, check it out and enjoy!

Song Roughs

We got one of our rought cuts back from Nik Tyler out in Baltimore, and we’re even more stoked than we were!! The other 3 cuts are being prepared and should bein our hands soon. Once we’re done doing the finals with Nik, he’ll shoot them over to Paul Levitt (All Time Low) and we’ll put the final touches on them. We’re going to have a huge coordinated theme release for the E.P. that we can’t really give any details out on yet, but just know that you’ll be seeing new pro-looking merch, hand drawn art, posters, etc.

Promo Pictures

This weekend we’re heading out to a secret location, possibly the bat cave, and shooting some professional promo pictures. We’re getting ready for the new release, unfortunately you won’t get to see them for another month or two =( Oh well, you can survive on all the other sweet stuff we post up =)

Peace, love, positivity, stay sexified -Drake-

OMG seriously (8/28/09)


So we’ve got a ton of stuff to let you know about. Stick with it!

------------------------------------------------------------ SONGS?! YESSSS ------------------------------------------------------------ The songs are on the way. They are currently being mixed by Nik Tyler (Four Year Strong, Shindig) and Paul Levitt (All Time Low) in Baltimore. The new E.P. will contain four new songs hosting the most R.A.M.P (Rock/Alternative/Metal/Pop) worthy material to date. We’re extremely excited about getting these songs out, hope you are too =)

------------------------------------------------------------ Big Changes ------------------------------------------------------------ First, you’ll be seeing blogs happen way more often. Instead of every month.. or two months even, we’ll be posting a new blog every, single, week. Yup that’s right. A lot more info on whats happenin in the world of Vanattica.

Second, we’re going to start doing live video sessions, blogs, and practices. We run through the site “Stickam” so if you’re on, add us… if you’re not on get over there and sign up!! You know you want to see jarons beard wiggle on a live video feed.

Third, We’re going to start doing picture postings way more often, which we have a new folder dedicated to. We’ll be posting something new every few days, things which will make you either jump with joy or.. possibly cry.. in a good way.

Last, you should start calling us, seriously! We’re signed up on “Saynow” so give us a call at 815-680-5084 and you’ll get to either talk to one of us or be directed to leave a message. Leave us one and we’ll give you a call back, don’t forget to leave a name!

------------------------------------------------------------ Fan of the Week / Contests ------------------------------------------------------------ Starting yesterday, we added a new spot in our promotions section (on the main myspace page) for a Fan of the Week. We’ll pick one dedicated fan each week and host a picture of them on the site, we’ll also give them a free copy of or newest E.P. which includes the songs and artwork.. we’ll also include some unreleased photos that only the fan of the week will have access too. Just show us some love and prove you’re here for the tunes to increase your chances!


Other contests will also be popping up every now and then. Contests where you can win Merch, signed Albums, and action figures of Brendan in a cutoff tshirt…

That’s about it, just keep checking back more often than ever now.. you’ll find something new almost every day! It's time for some quality time.....

Peace, love, annnnnnnd keep it positive


4/30/09 NEWS!! (Wow thats HOT)


wuts up alternative lovers... and pop lovers... and yea metal lovers too. It's been a couple of months since our last post so its time for a sweet update. So you wanna know what we're up to this summer? Well. Here it is. Ready? Alright... r u sure? yea? just playin.


Hello Cleveland Ohio -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Yup, we're definitely goin to Cleveland July 1st-6th to record a few new songs for a brand new E.P. We were invited by the label Standby Records (http://www.myspace.com/standbyrecords). We'll be recording in a studio where we'll spend most of the time recording, and the other time in their indoor batting cage. Chin Music Studios (http://www.myspace.com/chinmusicstudios) is a great all-in studio and is earning a high reputation among the music community. They shop all of their bands to several labels, including Warner, Interscope, Geffen, Victory, Metal Blade, and Century Media. 17 bands have been signed out of the studio. Here are some examples: -Forever In Terror to Metal Blade Records- -Beneath The Sky to Victory Records- -Driver Side Impact to Victory Records- -Epicurean to Metal Blade Records- -Luna Mortis to Century Media- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sizzling Hot Topic ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We were invited by the store chain Hot Topic to perform an acoustic set in their store at Market Place Mall in Champaign, Illinois. 6/18/09 is when the show is set so come on out! We'll also be selling merch in the store starting sometime in May, sweet. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Speaking of Merch... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We've been working with one of our sponsors, Beast Attire (http://www.myspace.com/beastattire) and we're going to be designing a shirt for them that they will sell in there store and at events like Bamboozle. The shirt is on the brink of completion and is being designed by Drake Gravely of the band and Joe Horton. Joe and another band friend Alf (Josh Howell) contributed some original artwork as well! Hopefully the tshirt will be ready in time for the Hot Topic event! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vids and Layin Out ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, as you can see... we definitely got a new layout rollin... look! ooooo, ahhhh, pretty. Everything is much easier to find and new sections were added. As far as vids, we added several new ones, including a semi-acoustic performance of Outside Amboy and a rippin solo by Brendan in the studio with Playwork Productions (Four Year Strong, The Starting Line, Out of Sight) at Big Sky Audio (Philadelphia, PA).

sorry, thats it. yup, its really over. You finally finished the book! Easy reading though right? Go home, kick back, click the mouse a few times and check out all that new shiz i just talked about. Sweet. peace, love, stay positive. -Drake 3

5/27/08 NEWS!! (Philly, Warped Tour '08, Street Team, Dunlop)

What uuuuup, We've had a lot of things going on since the last blog, so check it out! -PHILLY- We've been in Philadelphia since the 16th of May and we're comin home in a couple of days. We've been doing some crazy things out here; getting two new song tracks (Outside Amboy and Situation Sudan) completely tracked in that two week period. These tracks will be used to promote Vanattica and achieve bigger things. The songs will be posted as soon as they are finished being mastered. We've also had hundreds of promo pics taken in the big city and back alleys so we'll get a few new pictures posted soon. -WARPED TOUR '08- As some of you already know, we'll be playing some dates on the 2008 Warped Tour. We'll be playing on the Playwork Productions (Starting Line, Four Year Strong) stage. So far we have two dates to share which are August 1st at the Marcus Amphitheater in Milwaukee, WI and August 2nd at the Midwest Bank Amphitheater in Tinley Park (Chicago), IL. We'll post more dates when they arise; you can check out the details on the concerts and ticket link for the Warped Tour '08 under our shows section of our main myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/vanattica). -STREET TEAM- We recently finished construction of our Street Team site. The basic concept of the Street Team is to grab all of our most dedicated fans and have them give us some help. We'll run missions such as banner posting, flyer posting, general show promoting, etc. We'll also hand out prizes such as free show passes, merch, albums, and eternal love from time to time as mission bonuses. If you know anyone or you yourself are a big fan of us and want to help out and be in constant direct contact with us, then message us and we'll send you an invite from our Street Team page (we only accept street team requests from individuals we have talked to or people we have selected and invited ourselves). SPREAD IT!! -DUNLOP BAND OF THE WEEK- We were informed that we will receive the Band of the Week spot for Dunlop guitar strings and accessories during the month of July from the 21st to the 27th. We'll be featured on their site under the band of the week section at the following address (http://www.jimdunlop.com/) ! That's what we've got for now. Check back very soon for two new tracks and new promo pics. Peace. -Drake- Vanattica Sites: (MySpace): http://www.myspace.com/vanattica (GarageBand): http://www.garageband.com/artist/vanattica (Purevolume): http://www.purevolume.com/vanattica (Music Nation): http://vanattica.musicnation.com (Reverb Nation): http://www.reverbnation.com/vanattica (YouTube): http://www.youtube.com/vanattica (CD Baby): http://cdbaby.com/cd/vanattica

2/3/08 NEWS!! (GSR Promo, Playwork, Emergenza, Shazzle, Music Nation)

Hey everyone, It's been awhile since our last update post, but we've been very busy and we're going to update you on several things that we've done or are looking forward to.

-2008 Green Street Records Promo- Yesterday we recorded a single track at Pogo Recording Studio in Champaign, IL. The title of the track is Our Simple Complex, if you've been out to one of our shows recently you've probably seen it performed. GSR puts together a compilation album every year of the best local talent from the CU area and surrounding cities. Our Simple Complex will be available on this compilation in a few months so keep checking our page for new information on its release. It will be a FREE CD so pick one up when they come out, while they're still available! Our Simple Complex will be available on our MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/vanattica) and other websites very soon and also available to download for free!

-Playwork Productions / Big Sky Audio- We've been talking to a representative from Playwork Productions (The Starting Line, Four Year Strong) and have set dates to travel to Philadelphia, PA to record. We have been chosen for a recording block and the two week trip to Philly will take place in May. Vanattica will be laying out a 2-3 track demo in this time at Big Sky Audio recording studio. The demo will only be used for promotional use and to achieve a label!

-Emergenza Round 2- Vanattica has been pulled through to round 2 of the Emergenza worldwide music festival. The first round took place at the Elbo room in Chicago, IL and we appreciate those who came out to support and vote for us! Round 2 will be taking place at The Double Door in Chicago, IL and will take place a month or two from now. If we pass through round 2, round 3 will take place at the Metro in Chicago and feature all national artists who passed through in other featured cities! The date will be posted when we nail down the exact time.

-Featured Artist On Shazzle- We've been chosen to be featured on the revolutionary new p2p program, Shazzle. ''Shazzle is a free software program. You can easily share and store almost any kind of "file" you're likely to create using Shazzle. Music, videos, and pictures are easy to upload, download, and share. You'll be able to circulate things like documents or power-points amongst anyone from co-workers to classmates in an instant.'' Shazzle is not only a file sharing program, it's a community. You can chat with others who own shazzle in different networks and supply each other files, as well as run your own 'page' that features any information you want! The new download program is something completely new and never done before. Files can be downloaded INSTANTLY rather than waiting on them for a period of time. Check out (http://music.shazzle.com) to see Vanattica's Feature spot! -Music Nation: Spin Magazine Hot Pursuit Contest- We recently entered a contest on Music Nation (http://vanattica.musicnation.com). The Contest was based on votes in a heads up player (2 bands side by side, listen to each bands song and vote on the song you think is better). Over several weeks we worked our way up to first place, but were unfortunately pushed out at the very end and received 2nd. We received a GREAT amount of exposure and thank Music Nation for hosting the contest! We also thank those who voted for us and helped us achieve a top rank. That's all the news for now, keep checking back for updates and new news. All of our upcoming shows are posted on our websites so we hope to see you at one! -d- Vanattica

12/14/07 NEWS!! (Poetic Justice Release)

What's up Vanattica enthusiasts,

It's been awhile since our last posting, so I thought this would be a good time to catch you up on what's in store for us.

First off, the new album. As you all probably know by now, we're coming out with our second full length album 'Poetic Justice'; which was produced by Apocalypse Cow recording studio. It's taken us a good amount of time to prep the material and artwork for duplication through our company. We recently sent out the final art proofs to the art team at disc makers which are working out all format corrections as we speak. The plastic wrapped album will be back to us by very early January. We have not yet picked a release date for the album, but we're planning on offering a small discount on it and other merch items on the day of release. If you just can't wait, we're offering the album for digital download directly through our myspace (http://www.myspace.com) on Snocap. We're also selling our old album, Saturday Night Staredown, that way if you're interested. Poetic Justice will also be available on Itunes when released if you want to obtain it that way.

Second, some upcoming gigs and dates 1.06.08 - The Elbo Room (Chicago, IL) 1.11.08 - Friends & Co. (Charleston, IL) 1.13.08 - The Canopy Club (Urbana, IL) 2.01.08 - The Show hosted by Raymond Morales 104.5 WRFU live (Urbana, IL) 2.02.08 - Pogo Studio (Champaign, IL)

If you need any info on these gigs, don't hesitate to contact us on here, or at Vanattica@hotmail.com

Last, Playwork Productions and Big Sky Audio. No, we didn't just forget to tell you about our trip to Philly; because it was postponed! Unfortunately there were conflicting dates with multiple members of Vanattica and there was no way to go forward with the trip. We are rescheduling for a couple months later, so keep your eyes peeled for these dates and information concerning the trip.

That's all the news for now, check back frequently for updates and blog posts. Peace, -d- Vanattica http://www.myspace.com/vanattica http://www.purevolume.com/vanattica http://www.reverbnation.com/vanattica http://vanattica.musicnation.com http://www.youtube.com/vanattica

10/5/07 NEWS!! (Playwork Productions and Big Sky Audio)

What's goin on, Just spreading a little piece of news we received yesterday. We've been extended an exclusive offer from Playwork Productions (http://www.myspace.com/playworkproductions) who have worked with bands such as The Starting Line and Four Year Strong. We'll be taking a journey to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania November 30th through December 2nd. In our time there we will be learning some key tips on the music business as well as recording a new single at Big Sky Audio (http://www.bigskyaudio.com) where artists like Three Doors Down, Anthrax, Shinedown, Barenaked Ladies, and Sister Hazel have recorded. Unfortunately we're not permitted to release any details about the offer itself; just know we'll be coming back with some new knowledge and a fresh track. Peace -d-

10/5/07 NEWS!! (new to the network)

what's up people,

Just wanted to let everyone here on reverb nation know that you can check us out at http://www.myspace.com/vanattica and http://www.purevolume.com/vanattica. We have a digital download program called snocap directly on our page at myspace if you want to preview and buy songs online. Only our old album (Saturday Night Staredown) is available right now, but later this month our new album (Poetic Justice) is arriving. Please check out the clips we have available at one of our sites!! Check out other blogs for information on what we're up too. We update regularly so keep checking back for new additions. -d-