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Boston Metro Reviews "Doubt Is For Losers"

12/17/07 - Boston Metro Reviews "Doubt Is For Losers" Boston's most circulated daily newspaper, read by more than 235,000 readers each day, reviewed Arcoda's newest album "Doubt Is For Losers" in today's November 17, 2007 issue. Written by Linda Laban, the article, in short, reads, "The songs on Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda's 'Doubt is For Losers' are as sparklingly positive as its title suggests. This self-produced, self-released effort (one of several discs released since 1998) combines funk, gospel, AM radio pop, Broadway, and jazz. Conviction, if not downright fervor, carries him far. That and a solid band, which includes Dap Kings/ John Scofield drummer Eric Kalb. Oddly, or not, the disc isn't touched by any musical influences past the mid 1970s."