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Who reads this anyway? A common, but often thought phrase of many 'partakers' of the 'media bloggers', I'm sure. One of the things that I 'do' when I'm here in Reverb Nation is to 'see' who fans me, listen to their music, and often connect. This morning I actually took the time to go through a 'suggested' list and request 'fanship' from many I know personally, through other folks, or just plain like your stuff. If you are reading this, thank you, and may your success be 'greatened' by any association we may have...Bless You!!! toast

Mothers' Day 2014

This weekend as we celebrate 'Moms' I am reflecting on how my Mother exemplified character worthy of mimicking. I remember the rare but effective times she 'corrected' me when she felt it 'necessary' to step in. Most of all though, I remember her never ending encouragement in 'everything' I did. She's a heavenly angel now, but I fondly remember how she was my 'earthly angel'.

What Jesus Will Do

"I've tried that Jesus thing." How many times have people said that not knowing it was just the beginning? I'm not a 'pushy Christian', and just like everybody else, God (and Jesus) meet me where I am. I grew up in a 'church' setting, and though I 'knew who Jesus 'is' I did not have the 'personal' relationship with the Creator, which is what He came to provide. That was a way to meet Him where He is. Nothing in 'this' world is 'instant' with the exception of Gods' grace through Emmanuel. So if you 'try' Jesus and it isn't going the way you expected it to, look at His recipe (The Holy Bible), change the 'ingredients' that aren't keeping with Gods' Word to make it better and go on. He knows you are unique, He knows what you need, but...He knows what you'll do, He knows you know what to do and He knows He wants you to follow the Fathers' Will. When you read 'The Instruction Manual' (The Holy Bible), you'll find the answers. I've changed my music up this week to reflect what I believe, and I do believe that Jesus 'was' God With Us (Emmanuel), is the Savior for all peoples and will be the Righteous Judge and intercessor for my future existence in eternity. Have a Blessed Resurrection Weekend!!!

Watching the Wheels

On the eve of John Lennon's death, I'm reminded of how 'soured' he became with the 'business' of music. I'm a songwriter, and the fame and fortune side of this doesn't appeal to me. Yes, I would like to have song 'cut' and be compensated for my talents. But 'chase it' I won't. Good music is not governed by the 'fluff' that 'goes with' this business. However, sadly, the 'fluff' governs what gets out there. My opinion? Too many 'marketing engineers' make the decisions, and 'most' wouldn't know a hit if it slapped them in the face.