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The Bluegrass Festival season officially begins!!!

Don't get me wrong - we love playing our brand of straight-up, hard-drivin' bluegrass at ANY venue ... but there's just something REAL SPECIAL about a bluegrass festival! Mountain Holler had it's first opportunity to play one of the country's premier festivals and it's right here in our own backyard - Seaman Productions' Mid-Winter Bluegrass Festival in Denver, CO, held just this last weekend, Feb. 18-20. Great headliners - Claire Lynch, Audie Blaylock, Kenny & Amanda Smith, etc.; and wonderfully talented regional and local bands, too. I guess one of the aspects of a bluegrass festival that gives it that designation of "special" is the family homecoming-type atmosphere that is fostered. When we pulled into the driveway of the hotel in front of the lobby, I looked over to my wife and said, "Hey honey, look, there's Bare Foot Kenny!" I had met Kenny for the first time at last year's festival and then got to spend some time with him at the RockyGrass festival a few months later. That same scenario of renewing "festival acquaintences" kept recurring over and over. Along with the renewing of musical friendships around jamming and just "shootin' the breeze", two other highlights for me were the tremendous response of appreciation and support from the crowd that stayed to hear our Sunday morning all-Gospel set, and one of my all-time favorite bass players, Mark Schatz, coming up to me after their (the Claire Lynch Band) set and inviting to "pick some tunes" with him. The fact that I was a little "intimidated" is stating it mildly when long-time Tony Rice bass player wants to sit down with you and play some tunes and your repertoire is loaded with Rice covers! Oh man, but what an experience! Thanks Mark, Claire, Jason & Matt for giving me the pleasure of enjoying your talents at such "up close, and personal" range! Yeah, Mid-Winter and a couple of other festivals will always be "on the caledar" from now on - whether we're on the show bill or not.

May marks the beginning of a busy season of pickin'!

Hey there, friends & fam! Haven't blogged in awhile ... been leaving the "advertisement" up about advanced ticket sales to the ALL COLORADO Bluegrass Festival in less than two weeks down in Castle Rock. Oh, and by the way, WE WON THE ADVANCED TICKET SALES CONTEST - thanks to all of you guys! I know we say it all the time, but we really do have a blast playing music for all y'all. You've been so supportive; you really are like family to us. Let me try to catch you up on a few things: Our good friend & Fan Club co-President, Lyla Carder gave us several lyrics for some original material. One of her poems, "Fifty Miles from Nowhere", is about the beautiful place that we live up here along the US285 Corridor. I fell in love with it. One day, a tune was rattling around in my head; so I sat down at my desk and pulled out Lyla's lyrics. It went just perfect with "Fifty Miles"! We've sung it a few times out on the road and people love it - by the second chorus, they're singing along! That's a good sign. Just this week, Ken Seaman contacted us about Mid-Winter Bluegrass Festival here in Denver. Looks like we're going to be doing a gospel set on Sunday morning! We've also been in touch with festival promoters in Utah, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma! Anybody got a bus they wanna donate? LOL! Thanks again for your encouragement and support - especially our wives & children. We'd love to see you at as many of the places we're playing this summer as you can make (or as much as you can stand us)! Take care friends, Mountain Holler

Get your ADVANCED TICKETS to the All Colorado BG Festival!!!

Don't forget to get your ADVANCED TICKETS to the ALL COLORADO BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL in Castle Rock this May 15th! If you get your tickets online before April 15th, you save $5! Also, don't forget to put the band's name, Mountain Holler, in the "Additional Instructions" box during the transaction! Thanks, and hope to see you there!

Advanced Tickets Special - All Colorado Bluegrass Fest. - May 15

Don't forget to get your ADVANCED TICKETS to the ALL COLORADO BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL in Castle Rock this May 15th! Notice the "special" this month - until Feb. 28, if you purchase 4 tickets (at the already discounted price), you will also receive a FREE night's camping! Also, don't forget to put the band's name, Mountain Holler, in the "Additional Instructions" box during the transaction! Thanks, and hope to see you there!

Wow, what a great year!

We’ve had a blast on this journey known as “the beginnings of Mountain Holler”. A big “shout out” to Karen Smart & Sweet Fanny Adams’ and all of our wonderfully supportive fans along the US-285 Corridor in the foothills SW of Denver – you believed in us, encouraged us, and came out to see us! The New Year (2010) looks promising – and busy! At this point, we already have over 30 shows lined up. We’ve confirmed five (5) festivals – the Winter and Summer GospelGrass festivals (in Littleton & Calhan, CO, respectively), the All Colorado Bluegrass Festival in Castle Rock at the Douglas Co. Fairgrounds, and the Bluegrass on the River Festival in Pueblo. There are still yet other festivals in 2010 that we’re in correspondence with and for which we’re being considered. In addition to being a regular “feature” at Sweet Fanny Adams’ (playing at least twice a month), we’re also excited about being invited to play monthly down in Lakewood at the White Fence Farm! We’re also going to be playing at numerous coffee houses and other venues along the Front Range, too – just take a look at our show schedule and see when we’re going to be near you. Again, thanks everybody for giving us an opportunity to share with you the BLAST we have making music together as friends! From all of us – Jay, Warren, Emily, Michael, Tom & Greg – Mountain Holler wishes you a Happy New Year with lots of singin’ & pickin’ (and even more grinnin’) to come!

Having fun - playin' this good ol' bluegrass music!

I'm still amazed at how blessed I am to get the chance to play the music I love with such talented musicians and great friends. When I left Kansas City nearly three years ago, I thought I would never have this opportunity again. I mean, I had played with the Bluegrass Missourians for close to 15 years - what a ride! Those guys are still, to this day, some of my closest friends. But now, I've stumbled across Jay & Warren, Tom - then Michael; and now Emily - man, it just doesn't get much better! This Thanksgiving season, I truly have a lot for which to be thankful ... a wonderful family, good health, and great friends. I am indeed blessed! Greg