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The Isotopes / Blog


Our first update! Helen and I spent Friday afternoon listening to Three Four, working out guitar parts and drinking mug-fulls of espresso. It's so difficult to add to songs when you've got something you're really proud of, you don't want to clutter it and hide the bits you're really pleased with under a sea of guitar, or whatever... anyway we now have 2 guitar parts and it sounds fantastic... Or beautiful [thanks Helen!]. I've recorded the new parts and uploaded them here, so give them a listen. Helen showed me some fantastic lead parts she's arranged for Clouds, during the chorus[?] ...the "cool it fools" bit. She's also written a lead part for the nasty bit at the end which helps push the whole thing up into a higher gear for the last few bars... I recorded Helen playing the new guitar parts there and then, so the new version online is Helen's first 'published' guitarwork!! Next prac on Tuesday... can't wait. Mike