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Ellewood / Blog

About us

Ellewood was introduced to Simon via her good friend after she mentioned that she wanted to work on some bluesy music. Simon has the knack of playing the right riffs in the right places! His composition skills are incredible. He can jam to anything she plays him. He also plays 12 string, electric and the banjo. Martin was introduced to Ellewood as a flautist by her other bass player Mark Blacoe and they performed a couple of gigs, Martin is also a fretless bass player, playing bass for over 19 years, and happily accepted his new position on the new project. Yet another great find!! Is it getting confusing yet? Ellewood bumped into Lee whilst attending a gig at Parr Street Studios, mentioning she needed a drummer. Lee works on the desk at Parr Street and fancied joining the band!!

Lee also happens to be an assistant sound engineer and close friend of Mark Reader who runs Tonewood Studios, where Ellewood has recorded before, it does seem spookily amazing doesn’t it?!? She regularly goes to Mark’s jam nights held in Woolton on a Monday evening. She has also recorded at Parr Street and The Motor Museum at Lark Lane.

Everything has fallen into place since Ellewood decided to get the band together, in fact its come together lightening quick! The band have jelled incredibly well.

Ellewood joined her first band in ’95 called Munro and left in 96’ to form Venus with the help of Colin Mackay, Andy Docherty and Mike Moran. Soon she got management from Spike based at Parr Street and secured a lot of studio time. They did the band circuit, at well-known venues e.g. The Lomax, The Picket, Roadhouse, The Cavern, The Zanzibar, Telford’s Warehouse to name a few. Janice Long discovered her music and she got ‘A’ list airtime regularly on the sadly missed Crash Fm. She then signed a record contract with Sam Brown’s label Mudhut and unfortunately the band split up in 2001.

This was when Ellewood took some time out, due to illness and she decided to take things easy for a while. She went back to college in 2002 on a teacher-training course. She found teaching enjoyable but couldn’t stand the paper work and decided to become a student again. So in 2003 she started a BTec Diploma in Music. She went out and bought a digital 8 track so she could do a bit of recording at home, with no particular direction, and no particular genre. Exploring, experimenting and trying different methods of writing. She was used to writing solely on guitar, the basic rock structure: verse, bridge, chorus and middle 8’s.

Whilst studying music at the Arts Centre in Liverpool she bumped into an old friend Frank Hawkins, who at the time was teaching sound engineering. He advised her to get hold of an Mbox and Protools, so she took Frank’s advice, saved up and bought them. Frank helped Ellewood get started on Protools along with Graeme Lycett and she blossomed from there. She says she will never forget the support, encouragement and value she places on both Frank and Graeme and will remain lifelong loyal friends and colleagues.

Now Ellewood could play around with grooves, sequence beats and drums and create bass lines first. She messed about with loops and created her own samples. She also started writing on her keyboard and composed string sections and piano parts. There were new flavours, she experimented with dance music, trip hop, hip hop, R&B, ambient, progressive, trance and even pop. She was contacted by DJ Alex K in 2005 to record an 80’s track originally written by Jimmy Somerville called ‘Smalltown Boy’ and within a couple of weeks of sessioning for him, the song which featured her new name ‘Ellewood’ hit number 1 top of the charts on the Clubland 8 compilation CD world wide. Eighteen months later was again, released into the charts again on Alex K’s own CD, ‘Ultimate NRG’ and got to number 3. The song was a massive club hit, and is still played regularly today.