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The Trinity Project / Blog

Critical update

Well as you can see I have been neglecting my posts on my blog. I figure that six years is sufficient amount of time in between.

The last few years the trinity project has continued to make progress on all fronts. Especially with myself , I have gained much more life experience and wisdom which has immensely helped my music . I have seen new places and been affected by my many people . Some people did great things for me and others did not but , they all had an impact which is what influences my music and my writing.

I continue to work on my music solo . Taking the time to practice all the instruments and recording can be exhausting but I am learning to keep things simple. The music I make now is much more mature yet keeps the fun nature in it .

I am still learning and that is the important part , I welcome many more people to come not my life and teach me more.

I will be returning to the studio to release my four or five song EP and film my video for "digital" . I am also writing an incorporating story to the "digital" theme.

To my fans , friends , family and even my enemies .....thank you

Using What I Have

Well Im wayy up north in camp here , all I have is my lap top and a copy of fruity loops. I really wanted to do some electronic music again , which is what I used to do before. I ended up with the riff for "My Last Breath" and I really like it. It will definitely find itself in my album as an intro or an interlude of some type.

I used bare minimum creating this song , alot of loops and that kinda stuff. I mainly mixed it after the fact from my d.a.w. It comes to show that you truly can create something from very minimal resources.


New Live Songs !!!!!!!!!

Hey all , I got into the studio and recorded three new fucking live songs for songs for you. Everything is all live at the time it was recorded , il put it up , as one of the best canadian live acoustic singers with talent to do what i do.

Further from the lies

Well the band is all together ,we are still missing a bass player really bad , so if you are good give me a shout.The rest of the band is amazing , our guitar player is a 19 year old fucking prodigy or something , and the drummer is one of the best I have ever seen . So keep your ears open for this band , its gonna big , I can feel it.

Neil S Plenty Of Rope

More about the vision

I hope when I get home , this band will finally start to form , its been too long as a solo artist to keep going on this track.... fucking gone too long at work. I work two weeks in (really far up north at a diamond mine , only way to get here is to fly or way for the water to freeze for the winter road) and I get 2 weeks out , which seems like a long time but its not too much when you factor in the shit of regular life that piles up for the two weeks you are gone.

Hopefully in time there will be more music up on here for all you to hear ( I dont even really know if people read these "blogs" its not really my thing but it is a good venting tool to say the least) my voice finally feels better so thats a good sign.

Coming home on wednesday will be good...... trying out some new people for the band , sounds promising and hopefully turns out good , I need to play some fucking live shows and get some agression and stress out on stage......I can guarantee the first live show I do with the new band will be a fucking classic..........it has to be.