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Scattered Thoughts (Soh Mehni)

Knowing is a feeling that stands alone, ringing singularly true. -On Knowing

Scattered Thoughts (Soh Mehni)

FInding Her Way

She made her way through fields and brush And city streets that were more than tough She pushed her way past those who made her feel As if her dreams would not be real This underdog trying to come up Very rarely did get stuck That breath of air just above the water Was hers to breathe she swam like they taught her.

Scattered Thoughts (Soh Mehni)

This road is rough I travel on... I tread in jagged rows... There are no markers to follow here... I pave it as I go... Would that the sea would part for me... And calm the undertow... My mind be still... My breath the wind... When breeze does cease to blow...