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Jim Jacobs / Blog

Pumkin Tortellaci!

Emerald at Italian Kitchen made another dish that was oh so special when Andy and I went out last Saturday. The hoemade pasta rings were stuffed with pumkin, sweet potatos, ricotta, cream cheese and a touch of kale. The brown sugar butter sauce had a touch of cream, plus cranberries and toasted walnuts. Although not meant to be, this was a great dessert after some seafood grilled to perfection!

Yan's Hunan Inn

Early release from school today, so I had lunch with my son Andy at Yan's. We love their House Special Beef (crispy orange beef with chili pepper) and cold Sesame Noodles. Andy really likes the Crab Rangoon, crispy outside and creamy inside...

BobJ  (over 2 years ago)


Veggie Omlette.

Robert makes a mean omlette at Aleks. Mine had mixed veggies no green peppers, but extra fresh jalapenos! Jeanne made a chocolate cake that looked like a giant apple! It was amazing:P

Dig the Pit!

Andy and I helped out delivering BBQ from the Pit in Highland Park to the locals. Afterwards, we split awesome ribs and greek salad! Mmm...

Seafood and eat it!

Had dinner with my son Steven last night at Italian Kitchen. My folks were there for dessert and just watched:0) We split two delectible seafood dishes. I had Mahi Mahi Basilico. Steven had Crawfish and Shrimp over Linguini. Both were delicious and quite filling...

Warming up...

Warm up with some hot chili at Riveras in Libertyville!

Harvest Twist on an Old Classic.

I love classic Tiramisu. My favorite made by Mrs. DiMaso. Emerald at Italian Kitchen has put an interesting twist on this scumptuous dessert. She has added pumpkin spiced with nutmeg, cinnimon, and more to the filling, soaked the lady fingers in Chai Tea and spiced rum, and then garnished with cranberries and walnuts. It's a wonderful treat. Try it...


Went to lunch with Dad yesterday at Italian Kitchen. He had a hamburger at an Italian restaurant. I was a bit shocked... After having a bite, I had second thoughts. It was great with that right off the grill char-taste! I'll have to have one of my own sometime soon. You should, too!!!

Tuna Basilico

Tuna Basilico was a special at Italian Kitchen last Thursday. Big meaty chunks of tuna with tomato, garlic, basil and balsamic served over whole wheat pasta. I had a side of spicy corn that was fantastic! Visit us Thursdays at Italian Kitchen and see what's so special about this family owned restaurant.

Stuffed Chicken:D

Chicken Fontanel: chicken fillet rolled with prosciutto and stuffed with a creamy combination of ricotta and fontanel cheese with fresh spinach! Plus an added slice of crispy/salty prosciutto wrapped around the chicken and served with a vodka cream sauce. Great special last night only at Italian Kitchen!!!