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Jim Jacobs / Blog

Just for the Halibut!

Last Thursday, Johnnie at Italian Kitchen had Halibut on special. What a treat! The meaty fish was pan seared after a little egg wash, topped with caramelized onions and sweet tomatoes, plus fresh greens, and served over sauteed spinach. Yummy!

Cheese Fritters...

Went to Bristol Ren Faire just over the border for the afternoon. We noshed a bit through the day, turkey leg, veggie tempura, strawberry and lemon ice... but the highlight had to have been the hot-n-gooey cheese fritters. Monterey jack cheese was oozing inside a lightly crispy beer batter. Two dipping sauces were offered, bbq and honey mustard. I much prefered the tangy mustard.

Pork Chops!

Grilled Park Chop with Shiitake Mushrooms served over Sauteed Spinach was quite delicious at Italian Kitchen last night. The chop was grilled to a nice juicy medium. The spinach, as always, sauteed with garlic was a tasty and colorful compliment to the meat. The highlight though, was the mushroom sauce. Big slices of shiitake were firm, yet tender. Steven, (not a big fan of the 'shroom), loved them! His comment for the night, "...they're like meat!"


Creamed Corn appeared on Italian Kitchen's specials last night! It's cut fresh from the cob and cooked, but still crunchy after melding with truffle oil, parmesan cheese, cayenne pepper and a touch of cream! I love this dish!!!

Ginger Cream Sauce at Italian Kitchen!

Last night at Italian Kitchen, I saw a special that I know my wife would love, Wild Salmon with Ginger Cream Sauce served on sauteed kale. Lisa is off with Steven at the PDGA Am Worlds in Kansas and I don't really care for salmon, but the sauce was intriguing;0) Johnnie made this dish with shrimp and oh boy it was good! The shrimp were nice sized and tender. The sauce had a just touch of fresh ginger and garlic. It was amazing with the intense flavor of kale.

Steak Sandwich;0)

Had an excellent steak sandwich at King's Landing today at lunch between lessons. The family is busy or out of town and our subdivision is having a garage sale, so I didn't head home during break. The beef was tender and well seasoned, topped with fresh grilled onions and mushrooms and gently melted layer of provolone. Served with home-made chips and water with lemon...

Blackened Tuna!

Ragin' Cajun spices and pan seared Tuna was quite tasty at Bodega last Saturday night! The tuna was tender and pink throughout. The dish was garnished with little pieces of red and green peppers and a balsamic glaze. Jim Jacobs Trio will be at Bodega every Friday in June!

Garlic Soup!

Last Saturday, I went out to visit King's Landing after lessons. Tamala suggested the soup of the day. It was a Garlic Mushroom Barley Soup. As it was chilly and wet out, that's what I had. Garlic was key to this wonderful and hearty feast with lots of filling barley and mushroom. I adore garlic and this dish left me very little room for the tasty sandwich I ordered. I brought the King home and had it for dinner;0)

Grilled Scallops!

Scallops grill with a beautiful sear on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside served over Forbidden Island Black Rice. Hearty and flavorful with a light lemon cream sauce was on my plate last night at Italian Kitchen. I hadd a crispy salad with Italian Dressing and fresh blue cheese crumbles, too.

Fish of the Day...

Corvina (hearty fish) was on special at Italian Kitchen tonight. I had it last week. Pan fried in lemon served with caramelized onions and sweet gradpe tomatoes topped with fresh cilantro. YUM!!!