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Blog updates on miclordz.com!

For any and all blog updates from us, please check out the homepage at http://www.miclordz.com, thanks!

Finalized tour dates

Here is the official tour schedule that we will be following as of August 24th! We hope to see you guys out when we come near you - so book it off work, and tell your boss you're NOT working, or else he's going to get punched. Anyways...tour dates! Here you go! 08/24 - Sioux Falls, SD - Nutty's North Bar 08/27 -Great Falls, MT - 406 Club 08/28 - Everett, WA - The Anchor Pub 08/31, 09/1 - Vargas Island, BC - w DJ SCRATCH of The Roots 09/02 - Vancouver, BC - Pub 340 09/03 - Kamloops, BC - The Dirty Jersey 09/04 - Kelowna, BC - The Grateful Fed 09/05 - Revelstoke, BC - TBA 09/06 - Revelstoke, BC - TBA 09/08 - Calgary, AB - Vern's 09/09 - Calgary, AB - The Dicken's Pub 09/10 - Leduc,AB - Kinsman Hall 09/11 - St.Albert, AB - The Tap House 09/14 - Elizabeth, MN - The Silver Dollar 09/15 - Madison, WI - The Frequency

Tour Progress

New dates added to the tour! We have booked St.ALbert, Alberta (just outside of Edmonton) and also looks lke we'll be playing at the legendary Pub 340 in Vancouver. Please keep your eye on www.miclordz.com in the tour section - we'll have all our dates for the tour posted up there.

How to drop the ball on blog updates

Ok, so blogging isn't our thing. With all the promotion, travelling, playing, social networking, practicing and other random band tasks we have been performing lately, we sometimes forget to write it all down....so let's do a quick recap of the last 6 weeks or so. - Had our CD release party, and enjoyed a sold out crowd. - released the Drop EP for Download on www.miclordz.com - Performed at Summerfest in Milwuakee - Opened for sony recording artists iLL Scarlet in Windsor - Played the legendary El Mocombo in Toronto - Began booking a western tour across Canada That's right! We're going on tour at the end of the summer, hitting all new places that we are very excited to play. Not all dates are booked yet, but so far we have confirmed dates in Vargas Island, B.C., Kamloops, B.C., Madison, WI, and a few others. Stay tuned and we'll let you know about the rest of the shows as the are confirmed! (for real) :)

First mixes recieved!

On wednesday we recieved the first mix of the new songs - Wow. We`ve never sounded like this before! I am reallt looking forward to releasing this music...which brings me to the next point. OUr EP release party! With these three new songs, and three acoustic ones, we are ready to release the EP on June 11th, 2010. All focus right now is on getting as many of our fans to this show as humanly possible! It will be great to show the EP to a packed house. PLus we`re putting some special little things together for the show. It`s happening June 11th, at the chubby pickle, in Windsor, Ontario. For ticket information, drop me a line here on reverbnation, on twitter, on facebook, myspace...or at www.miclordz.com. Ciao for now!

Peanut Butter and Acoustic Jams

Happy to report that at 1:00 AM last thursday we walked out of the studio with all the vocals for all three songs finished. THANK YOU!!!! We are pretty pumped up for the way everything is sounding too...we think you guys will like it to! The weekend came and went - saturday we were added laat minute to a pretty cool show as part of the Y108 Music Festival in Hamilton. We got to open up for a new band who just got signed to Universal records and has been working with Chad Kroger of Nickelback. My Darkest Days will be big - check them out. Now in the new week we are just promoting the hell out of our EP release party, and also preparing for the next leg of the our studio time. Thursday night we'll be back in the studio recording some acoustic versions of old songs live off the floor. We're gonna toss those onto the EP as a little juicy extra! Then it's two shows for the weekend, Friday in Strathroy, On, and Saturday in London, Ontario with our friends in Mean Tangerine. Looking forward to it! Ciao for now Roge' out

Studio Jams VOL: 3

I realize that this blog is titled VOL:3 and the one prior is titled VOL:1....but there was one day in between that I didn't blog. Maybe a more accurate title is VOL: 2 & 3? Oh well. Deal with it! I'm not re-writing the title! So C-Mack and me finished up all the drums and bass for 3 tracks on tuesday - our producer Martin Bak (SLR studios) really pushed us and the result was a helluva long day, but an incredible productive one. REALLY happy with all the tones and how everything is soundign at this point, and Marty hasn't even done the first mix yet...SO STOKED! Yesterday Matte was in the studio all day getting his guitar parts recorded. Granted he wasn't as fast as Charlie and I, but then again, he tracked several guitar lines per song, so it can be expected. When I came back in the studio today, Matte and Martin had changed the chord progression of one of the chorus's (the song will likely become our next single, it is titled "Nothin' to Me"). At any rate, I was not thrilled at the change immediatly but they insisted I just re-record the part with the new change and then listen. I complied, and what a difference it made - the song is two fold stronger. That's what you pay producers for, I guess!! AlerG just came out of the vocal booth and really nailed the parts for the same song. C-Mack did a few harmonies, and Boots is currently in there right now slaying his verses. This is going to be one of our best songs yet! The other two will have vocals recorded today - maybe another late night. Ciao for now - MLSF and the boys out! Roge'

Studio jams VOL: 1

Anybody out there? We'll see ;) It's been two years, but once again we are in the studio recording our latest tunes. It's been a rough morning - we played a show in Burlington, Ontario last night with underground rock legend Danko Jones and it was a pretty gnarly show - especially for a monday night. The rough part of this morning is due in part to the fact that we drove four + hours to get home for the studio sessions. We're on about 3 hours of sleep, but such is life. C-Mack already has his drums down, I'm about to lay down my bass lines for the three songs we have chosen to do this time 'round. Stay tuned for the new songs, we will have them up for review soon! Peace, Love, and Music Roge' (Miclordz & Sauce Funky)