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deadwood social club / Blog

Ed Groves Retires from Lechery Church

“In some darkened corner, an evil troll named Karma was rolling on the floor laughing, hysterically.” ― Belle Malory, The Twelfth Keeper


for all that has been THANKS! to all that shall be YES! enjoy the NOW...

reproduction evolution

humans as perceivers socialized for reproduction will through inner silence become beings capable of evolving awareness to see energy directly as it flows in the universe to perceive silent knowledge...

hit the spot

you gotta flip the switch~ hit the spot~ scratch that itch~ baby baby please ~ don't stop!

dreamtime eyes

gazing pull into your depths eye cannot resist that gravity fierce locked dreamtime eyes...

have a lucky day

beauty finds us now...


by beauty of heart and soul

time wounds all heals

recapitulated heavy toll

memories dark peace steals


treading water in the ocean of fear...


healing vibration given freely dreamtime walk shifting left she gave the crystal chance away in a gesture of unselfish loving...


like a song that's born to soar the sky... white cloud lightning stars beckon moonshinecrystalglowing flowing like a song that's born to soar the sky...

golden harvest

moon rise