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new bio/blog from our new bassist, Jimmy Minj

Who is Jimmy Minj??

I am a low-down dirty bass player.. I wanna make your head bounce and your ass shake..If you're not movin', then I ain't rocking it hard enough!! And, we know that ain't gonna happen!!

Born and raised in New York (No, not NYC.. There's more to the state than that), I jammed around town and played some awesome shows.. I played up and down the coast and into Canada, but that wasn't enough..

So, I moved to Lost Angeles… I found some new bands, played around town and did more awesome shows. I played all over the country, but it still wasn't enough..

Along the way, I've shared the stage with some amazing bands.. Slayer, Manson, Korn, FFDP, Biohazard, Volbeat, Green Day, Blink 182… The list goes on…And, I can't wait to play with more of them…

Now, I've ran into Hear Kitty Kitty around the litter box and it's time to rock it!! It's time to take this outta the alley and into your face!! Are you ready??

new bio/blog from our new drummer, Robbi Black

Substance Matters, pass it on...

Robbi Black A virgo from The san francisco bay area. A passionate drummer who Hits as hard as he fights. Maybe a small reflection of his years kicking around the Hollywood scene. After Many records, demo's countless shows and tours accross the U.S. and beyond with many VERY mentionable (but no need to) artists Playing for thousands upon thousands of people. He has found what REALLY matters in music. SUBSTANCE. That substance in the opportunity to play with hear kitty kitty:) Taking the experience and patience this industry requires to succeed and implimenting it into this refreshing new line up has all the marking's of something very special about to explode into a avenue near you very soon. You will get the everything he's got when you come see HKK live and just wait till you hear (no pun intended) the next record. WE WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! Cheers all. See you in a city near you very soon. Come support. RB

HKK upcoming May tour!/Street Team~ HKK wants u!

We are so absolutely stoked to come out n rock the US. We have confirmed 1 show as of today on May 9 in Pharr, TX at The Pharr Event Center. I know our agents are working hard to get us everywhere, but if u want us to come to your town- write in and tell me a cool venue u want us to try for and we sure will try to make it so... We can't wait to see old friends and make new ones! Much love and I will for sure keep u posted as dates confirm and ! if u r interested in being on HKK'S street team .. holla back and let me know. xoxo kitty

A new HKK bio by Cordell/ Jonny Kat:) 10/13

Hello !

My name is Jonny Kat. I play guitar with Hear KittyKitty. "What's Hear Kitty Kitty?" You ask? "Who is Jonny Kat?"

Well here goes....

Hear Kitty Kitty is my best friend Kitty's (Nikita La Tijera) project shes started a couple years ago. "The plight of the alley cat!" She laughed as she swaggered into the neon clouds of Hollywood Blvd. Kitty and I have played lots together. From backyard parties, carnivals, charity events.... to after hour clubs, theaters, and radio shows.... to U.S. National tours.... to Donnington (England), at this years Download Festival.... she has been my musical chocolate, to my peanut butter cup. Hear Kitty Kitty IS Kitty's vision.... I am the one to bring it into focus....

Who is Jonny Kat? I like to think of myself as a Super Hero! Like Batman! Spider Man! Iron man! YA SUPERMAN! (I leave Wonder Woman for Kitty).... The truth is Jonny Kat is lil ol me... Cordell Crockett! But I think I'm lots cooler than Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, and Clark Kent combined. Why? Cuz I get to party like a rockstar, touring the world as bassist of Ugly Kid Joe, having sold more than 5 million hard copies of 4 different albums, with number 1 video and radio hits like "Everything about You " and "Cat's N the Cradle ", and currently touring European festivals in support of UKJ's current EP "Stairway to Hell". Ya Bruce Wayne might be loaded, but what would you rather be doin? Hangin out with Alfred or sharing stages with Metallica, Moterhead, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Prodigy, Lamb of god, Puddle of Mud, Guns N Roses, and on and on and on.....and thats my day job! When I get my super hero tights on, and ya, tey're tight, I'm ....JONNY KAT! Handlin the shit on guitar, and stage, with 3 of the sultriest sexy super heroines in God's lair...HEAR KITTY KITTY! Yep...that's us...saving the universe, one song, one fan, one city, one world at a time.... best of all, there are no bad guys, or bad girls.... just bad boys n naughty girls.... Cordell Crockett is Jonny Kat!

quick note on Danzig cover:)

As u may, or may not know, I had a side project last year as lead vocalist of a Danzig cover band. In that period of time.. A few of the songs such as "Mother" and "long way back from hell" just super did it for me and I really enjoyed singing them. But "I'm the One" totally became my favorite. I love the blues and combining sweet with sex and sultry mixed in with a huge helping of .balls. chutzpah. panache. whatever u wanna call it.. Danzig's got it in his swagger and I very much enjoyed 'studying his art" .. if u will:) I hope u enjoy my version.. and u will hear this song mixed in on different nights with covers by other artists I respect such as the Distillers, the Runaways, Betty Blowtorch.. This video was recorded by my friend Jeff Isgod at the Viper room Femme Fest tour 2013 kick off show last week and sent to me in 4 parts. So, I tried to edit it smoothly together in imovie..but a couple lines r missing and if u know your danzig by heart and say... HEY!.. well. that's y... thanks to: the Viper room...as well as all our friends, families, fans, endorsements. and everyone working hard to make Femme fest AWESOME!. more 4 sure! meow 4 now!

remembering 9/11. kitty

Today we remember the September 11 attacks of 2001 + honor the thousands of innocent men, women and children who were taken from this life, too soon. And it kind of makes u think. No matter what is going on in our lives.. what struggles or challenges we are facing- large or small u have to just be grateful to wake up today carpe diem!

and for all the little things we sometimes take for granted or sometimes go unnoticed...

Today. stop and appreciate. and remember the so many. who 11 years ago had that simple gift taken away.

Mid Summer Update: kitty 7/30

Hi everyone! Well! We had a great time on our 1 month US Spring Fling tour and we want to thank everyone again who made that special. As u may know, when we got back Cordell went out on a 1 month reunion tour to Europe with the band he was in before hear kitty kitty, Ugly Kid Joe. Since he got back early July, we have been working on a new batch of songs for our next EP and we are very excited about some of these tracks. He will be going to Brazil w UKJ from 8/9-8/12 and we should begin recording the new EP pretty soon after that but we already have a few tracks that are close now. And we both Can't wait to share! I have been planning 2 shoots with my friend and awesome photographer, Glen Willis and he came to NO HO to visit Cordell & I at the studio today and we took some cool pix I'll be posting soon. Hope everyone is having a good summer :) xoxo kitty

reality tv check. jonny kat, 10/28

Isn’t “reality tv” just “non-fiction tv”? If that’s true (which in my opinion it is), then NFL Football games, MLB Baseball games, NBA Basketball games, and NHL Hockey games would all be classified as “reality tv” too. I recently found myself sidetracked, watching a couple different “reality tv” shows, at my friend’s house. The shows I saw that day were more “fiction” than “reality”….fa shore….”Jersey Shore”….that is! And who’s version of “reality” is the Kardashian’s….the world may never know! I probably have more in common with the “Pawn Stars” since I’ve visited many pawn shops along my path to super stardom. I like the “reality tv” shows that inspire us, like the “Biggest Loser”, and “Extreme Home Makeover”. At least those two shows seam to make us want to be better people (in general). News, documentaries, biographies, and NOVA shows are more the “reality tv” shows I find intriguing. The tattoo show I caught for a minute was interesting as well. In a nut shell, my point is this…. while “Wipe Out” is really funny at times, it’s not “reality tv” funny…. I’m just sayin…. ~ Jonny Kat “Rockin the Box”

Gender Specific Bands vs. Species Specific Bands jonny kat, 10/26

I’m the only guy in an “all girl band”….right? WRONG!!!! In my opinion, bands that are gender specific, just for the sake of being that, are lame. We don’t hear about “all guy bands”. Maybe “boy” bands, but they suck, so I’ve made my point. Put it this way, if a group is selling itself as an “all girl” or “boy band”, chances are , they are more concerned with their “image”, rather than their music. While image is important in the music scene, it won’t stop thousands of mud slinging moshers in the pit from spitting on you if you suck (musically). So, my point is this: If you are a GREAT band, that happens to be all girls, boys, dogs, cats, gorrillas, parrots, chickens, cows, or etc., etc., etc., let you fans figure out who you are. If your music is valid, and they like it, they are more than likely smart enough to know on their own. After all, they were smart enough to love your songs…. I’m just sayin…. ~ Jonny Kat “Rockin the Box”

making lucid dreams realities, jk, 10/20

I have a challenge for you. The next time you are lucky enough, to sleep long enough, to have a dream, then try this: open up your hands and stare at your palms. This will allow you to realize you are dreaming, and thus, allow you to freely enjoy your dream state. Go ahead....fly high in the sky! Make friends with people you'll actually never meet! Shape shift yourself into any animal in the wild kingdom! Close your eyes, click your heels, spin around, and reopen your eyes to a whole new universe! Visit long lost loves! Make right all those wrongs! Bury all the skeletons left in the closet! Truthfully, it's the most fun you'll ever have, all from the comfort and safety of your own bed! (or where ever you happen to choose to sleep) At first, it's very difficult to see any part of yourself in a dream. Don't be scared if you look different than normal. It's just another way of letting you know you are in a dream, and not reality. I hope you have as much fun as I do! Dreams are what help us define our goals. Goals without deadlines are dreams. So get your rest!!!!

~ Jonny Kat "Rockin the Box!!!!"