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N ~Pride / Blog

My love♥

My LOVE.♥ My foundation of true feelings. My structure of unique smell, that perpetrates my soul Making the moon our witness of her silence. My LOVE.♥ My desire, my syn. When you cry, your tears become diamonds-liquid sunshine That hurt me like blades under my skin. My LOVE.♥ My yes, my no, and my maybe. My underground silence to be surface noise. Ludacris emotions, on perfect mix of Ecstasy feelings. My LOVE.♥ My commitment. My elixir of life, for all unrevealed pain. My LOVE.♥ My self, my heart, my body, are offered to you, Like a cocoon to rest our feeling, while I' nurture our LOVE.♥ As time goes by my past becomes the pencil documenting our journey we have both begun. My Smile. My Priority. My Happiness. My right. My wrong. MY L.O.V.E YOU AND ME♥ LOVE & LOVE.


So many toughs indestructibly, so many dreams yet not to be. Abash to the projects anatomy we abate from *Is to a want to be*. This is not going to work for me. I'll keep my eyes wide open 'till I see what I want to see. Is a long path, but is set for me accordingly I've been abducted from society. Now once Darwin said what we though it was insanity. Is not the strongest*, Not the smartest*, Is those who can adapt that will survive. from a A to Z In every war there is an enemy. For every bullet there is a casualty, but our mentality is so scared when we fighting over pride and victory. so complex to be.... that literally the remedy of the vicious cycle is the kill for another breed. What about me? I ain't here to follow~but to lead as I recollect my toughs to make my pen bleed.


Unfair Game.

As I try to maintain strong walking through the rain. Esta pinche suerte..... man!!! it doesn't seem to change. Is strange though, how the mathematics work. The equality IS NOT FAIR. I get tons of bad shit, and from happiness just a glare. I start walking in the rain this suicidal though is the guidence to my firts pray. I keep on running!! I've become the prey. My world is a complete blur.. Ain't no SUN, nor dime ray I'm systematically exposed to cold game. inpredecible no hay nadien here to blame. I crave happiness and good days, two hard things to get in dam projects, I'm unpredictable like my death. Mi suerte escasa, mi voluntad persiste, cuando mi sueño fracasa mi tiempo sigue saturado y esta pinche caminata entre la lluvia ya me tiene ami agotado.