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Funkharp / Blog

Life "To Do" List

-watch every movie on the AFI top 100 -visit the McDonald's at EuroDisney -tear down the Berlin Wall -Write book of eerie yet slightly vague predictions (to be written in limerick form as Nostradamus pretty much exhausted the quatrain when it comes to anthropological soothsaying. thanks a lot, Nostradamus. limerick form is lame and will probably belie the gravitas of my clairvoyant assertions.) -find a cure for gravity -kill Moby Dick -learn to ride a vegan -learn what "vegan" means -Die (even if it's the last thing I do) -come to accept that it's not butter -have a breakfast dish named after me (something with eggs. Or whatever, I'd be cool with any breakfast item they want to name after me. not crumpets.) -live in a box car -compare affection of pet rock vs. real rock -coin new curse words when the current ones become too relevant to offend people -design an ethnicity -record sitcoms written by Chuck Lorre so I can pause and read those notes he flashes after the credits -find out what happened to Dave Matthews' songs #1-#39 -curb my enthusiasm -brag about myself to Bono -lionize the plight of the African Mantled Colobus -invent my own system for Braille -take up the ongoing search for Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman's murderer ...I may add more. -Fharp